10 Best Business Internships for College Students this year –


10 Best Business Internships for College Students this year –

Internships can be the stepping stone to a successful career. They are the best medium to gain experience in a field and develop a career while building a professional network. So, if you are a business major, then, take advantage of the Best Business Internships for College students.

This is the main reason why many students enjoy working on internships. While most internships are unpaid, a good number of them come with pay.

In fact, there are several high paying internships available. These internships are very sought-after and competitive. Some internships give you the opportunity to do interesting work and meet savvy people. While others will just keep you busy running from menial tasks to the others.

In the course of this writing, we will supply you with all the information we need to know about Best Business Internships for College students.

Why do I need Internships as a College Business Student?

One of the best things about becoming a business major is that you are a competitive candidate in almost any career field. But how you make that career choice matters a lot and determines how successful you will be.

That is an internship is a great way to start out, while also gaining important hands-on experience.

As a major with so many career opportunities, the company gives you many internship options. There will always be an opening for a great business internship as the field is always looking for capable business students to help and hire.

In your business internships, you will acquire skills in teamwork, organization, accountability and problem solving, among other things.

Internship opportunities for business students can make a great exploration of the subject because there are so many avenues in business that need to be considered and understood.

What do business interns do?

In addition to networking and attracting mentoring, business interns will spend time working on skills that are great for later career journeys.

Business interns learn how to plan and implement specific goals, communicate their visions effectively, manage projects and work together with a team on a common goal.

Are internships necessary for business students?

While internships are not required, they offer great opportunities for growth and experience. From business internships for students to great seasonal business internships, you can build both hard and soft skills and even network.

Where can I do business internship as a student?

Some companies that are great for business majors seeking internships: Facebook, Credit Suisse, and EY LLP.

Business internships for students are everywhere. Even companies that don’t seem like their business focus are looking for smart interns to help them grow.

How much does a business intern earn?

The average annual salary for full-time corporate positions ranges from $38,000 to $70,000.

How do I prepare for a business internship?

Getting an internship in business couldn’t be more exciting, given the multitude of opportunities available at different companies.

The best business internship programs improve resumes, provide a valuable letter of recommendation opportunities, and can even become full-time positions.

Tips for your résumé and profiles

Before you start submitting applications, make sure you have your resume up to date and fully completed.

With a full profile, an impressive business internship is more achievable than ever. Recruiters are much more likely to send a student a message with a full profile saying they want to work in the business than an unfinished one.

Sure Tips for your internship interview

When you land your first interview, be it a virtual interview or in person, make sure you are prepared and dressed to impress.

Check your resume and cover letter to make sure you have specific examples of your club or course experience.

You can even schedule a trial interview with your university’s career centre or, if you’re on time, ask a trusted friend to ask you some commonly asked interview questions.

Tips for networking during your business internship

As soon as you have completed an internship in the shop and have settled into everyday life in the office, you can chat with your colleagues.

Regardless of whether they are industry professionals or interns, it is important to treat them with equal respect. They never know what insights they might provide or who might be a valuable link in five or ten years.

Don’t be afraid to ask your new co-workers for quick coffee chats or request 15-minute informational interviews about their careers.

Best Business Internships for College students

Internships are meant to guide you towards your true desired career path. For internships, it doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for business internships for college freshman or paid business internships or business internships.

The following job roles on the best Business Internships for College students can guide you in the right direction for whatever you’re looking for.

#1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers monitor a company’s advertising efforts through marketing and advertising campaigns. You will manage the research, planning, strategy, and execution of the company’s marketing initiatives that are ultimately aimed at increasing sales or brand awareness.

Average Pay: $42,000

#2. Business Analysts

Business analysts and business consultants provide companies with valuable strategic insights and strategies on how to ensure world-class efficiency in the workplace and improve weaker areas of their business.

They often have a degree in business administration and have extensive knowledge of business practices and organizational behaviour.

Average Pay: $70,000

#3. Accountant

Accountants collect and analyse data from financial records. After evaluating a person or a company’s accounts, accountants advise their clients on how best to organize and manage their funds.

Average Pay: $50,000

#4. Internship in sales and marketing

A sales and marketing internship is usually a role you’ll find at smaller companies and start-ups, where these roles are sometimes combined.

This type of internship will give you marketing experience but also focus on selling a product directly to a consumer. From the observation of sales pitches by managers to the preparation of presentations for customers to support with new and ongoing campaigns, this internship gives you insights into the ups and downs of a career in sales and marketing.

Average Pay: $50,000

#5. Summer Analyst

Summer Analyst interns are responsible for collaborating and interacting with employees at all levels. You are also expected to identify opportunities for improvement in key areas of the business.

Average Pay: $7,000 to $9,000 / month

#6. PR manager

PR managers and specialists communicate with journalists and the media to promote news and create a specific public image for a person, group or organization.

Her responsibilities include managing social media accounts, writing press releases, and planning press events.

Average Pay: $38,000

#7. Project manager

Project Managers (PMs) oversee the planning and execution of specific projects for a company or customer by managing a team of employees, setting deadlines and acting as a point of contact for outsourced resources.

Average Pay: $55,000

#8. Data analyst

Data analysts collect and compile data to provide useful insights for a specific project, customer, or organization. By identifying trends and drawing conclusions from them, data analysts can provide quantitative and qualitative arguments to support or reject a business decision.

Average Pay: $58,000

#9. Consulting

Consulting interns are expected to use their academic and professional experience to help clients solve business problems. As an intern you are responsible for:

Do industry-wide research

  • Working in customer-oriented roles under the supervision of senior consultants
  • Create sections of client presentations and demonstrate leadership skills

Average Pay: $5,000 to $11,000 / month

#10. Auditors

Auditors review the financial records of companies and individuals for legitimacy and legality. By analyzing and reporting on their finals, they also give their clients recommendations on how to avoid risky financial situations.

Average Pay: $56,000

Best Business Internships for College students | FAQWhat are good internships for business majors?

Here are some of the most common internships for business majors:
Product marketing internship
Sales and marketing internship
Business management internship
Business consulting internship
Management consulting internship
Business development internship

Which companies pay interns the most?

Facebook. Median Monthly Salary: $8,000
Amazon. Median Monthly Salary: $7,725
Salesforce. Median Monthly Salary: $7,667
Microsoft. Median Monthly Pay: $7,250
Bloomberg L.P. Median Monthly Pay: $7,000
Capital One. Median Monthly Pay: $7,000

Do internships pay for college?

Depending on the position, interns may or may not be paid. Unpaid internships are common, especially when the internship counts as academic credit toward graduation

What do you do in a business internship?

In a business development internshipyou‘re going to learn how to conduct market research and assist in partnership development. You‘ll also help build business relationships with clients and partners and help contribute to the growth of the organization.


A great way to delve even deeper into your career path is to take advantage of business internships.

Not only will you learn more about your own career, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with employers, industry specialists, and other students who share different perspectives.

Business majors are among the most sought-after candidates in any professional field. With so many choices, however, choosing a career seems a bit overwhelming.

Doing one or more of these internships during your college years can provide you with some great skills and find a career path that suits you exactly.

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