10 Best Industrial Design Schools in the World


10 Best Industrial Design Schools in the World

Can I get an industrial design degree online?

There are online programs available that allow you to complete your studies through the Internet. This is a great option if you have other commitments, such as family or a busy work schedule that makes it impossible to attend a campus.

People interested in industrial design can find online courses that cover basic concepts in the field and help them develop their design skills. The relevant educational options are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and sometimes as optional courses in architecture programs.

The following are some online industrial design courses that are commonly offered.

Design theory course: This course examines the origins and development of design, including classical Greek, European and Western influences. Students review examples of industrial design, architecture, engineering, and urban planning from various periods of time and premises.

Product design course: students learn to research, design and build products that people want or need. They learn to represent products in full-size models and execute projects according to the design.

Form development course: The lessons cover three-dimensional design, surfaces, volumes and differences between geometric shapes and free forms. Students learn to create high-quality models from sketches through various design processes.

Industrial Design Perspectives Course: students learn to accurately represent objects in the design. They study the principles of perspectives and explore the use of shadows, reflections and lighting sources. They practice the creation of 3-D objects in plans and drafts in 2-D.

Design drawing course: Design artists perfect basic drawing skills with pencil, pens, chalk and other drawing material so they can draw quickly and accurately. They learn to improve their drawing skills to improve representations in their plans and models. The courses cover crafts, contrast, composition, representation, and perspective.

Model creation course: This online course teaches basic model creation skills by addressing the materials, tools, drawing skills and design techniques needed to build a full-scale model. Students may be asked to create a product model from scratch and submit documentation through the Web.

Problem-solving course in design: This course deals with conceptual and technical problems in design. Enrollees learn to investigate, define and evaluate problems, and then they must test the theories to correct the problems. Students pay attention to the function, appearance and configuration of the models.

Digital imaging course: This course explores the common digital tools used in the field of industrial design. 2D raster and vector software are used to develop drawing and communication skills. Image retouching, fast digital sketch, vector art techniques, and 2D digital presentation are also covered.

Industrial Design History Course: In this course, students explore the evolution of the field of industrial design, beginning with early mechanization and the industrial revolution. They also learn how advances during different periods have affected current practices in the field.

Computer drawing course: In this course, students learn to use computer software for mechanical drawings and 3D renderings. Fundamental drafting principles and dimension conventions are an essential part of the curriculum.

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