10 Best Schools for English Literature in the World


10 Best Schools for English Literature in the World

Why Study Literature?

Since we understand what literature is, there then arises the question of why study literature in college? Anybody can sit at home and read a couple of finely written works and write a couple of those himself and tag himself a literary fellow, right?

But there’s more to literature than meets the eyes, which is why people attend colleges and universities to study it.

Now, when you study literature or English literature in colleges, the focus is mostly on analysis, debate, and critical theorizing about a large number of published works in the form of novels, plays, poems, and other literary works. In other words, you will read a lot of literary works and draw analysis from them. This is basically what studying literature entails. So, how does this help?

Here are the key reasons why you should consider studying literature in colleges and universities:

To Get Direction

Literature like we already know is very broad. If you read any and everything you see, you may get lost in their depths. Studying literature at college helps you really understand what a literary work was about and the message the writer tried to convey. With this knowledge, you will be able to have a sense of where you’re going and what you want to talk about as you develop in the field. You will learn how you can build on the existing works of writers in a genre and theme of your choice to expand knowledge in that field or genre.

To Secure a Job

To start with, anyone who fancies literary works and wants a career in it without going to college can only think of emerging as a writer or poet. These job descriptions oftentimes require pure talent and experience – that is, consistent writing and expression in these lines. However, a degree in English and Literature is not restricted to just these. You can take a career as a journalist, you can teach literature in schools, you can become an editor, you can even become a better author… Becoming any of these and making a living from them would need you to be employed and you can’t get that employment if you don’t have a literature degree.

To Gain Mastery of Languages

You should now that literature is not just about English. You will learn literature by geographies such as African literature, Western literature, and South Asian Arts. Most times, to better appreciate literature in these geographical locations, you may have to treat literature by languages such as Arabic Literature, Celtic Literature, Latin Literature, and French Literature. By doing this, you may be compelled to learn these languages and gain mastery of them.

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