13 best biology schools in the World


13 best biology schools in the World

Careers with a Biology Degree

With a degree in Biology, you have many career possibilities. If you are a biology student or you are interested in studying living things, here are the career opportunities you can get after graduation

Biological Technician

Biological technicians use the laboratory skills and techniques that biology students learn in their laboratories, academic research, and collaborative research with faculty.

Also, Technicians should conduct studies that produce accurate results.

A Biochemist

Well, Biochemists play an important role in the rapidly growing biotechnology and biomedical research areas. Thus, the study of biology equips them with scientific research skills and laboratories to design and implement studies to develop new products.

Furthermore, Knowledge of anatomy and biochemical physiology help to understand the effects of drugs and biotechnological solutions on the human body.

Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors assess the genetics of clients and communicate with them about the risks of transmission of a disease or genetic disability to their offspring.

Also, they can also work with adults who are interested in opportunities to show symptoms of genetic disorders later in life.

Note, they must have advanced proficiency in biology to complete the master’s degree required in the specialty.

Health Communication Specialist

Health communication professionals are responsible for educating communities about health problems, especially public health problems, including infectious diseases, health management, and healthy living.

However, Health communication professionals, which are used by hospitals or other health care companies, often coordinate business public relations campaigns, marketing strategies, and community participation.

Sales representative of pharmaceutical

Sales representatives of pharmaceutical or medical products sell medical supplies, computer products, medications, etc. to hospitals, clinics, and other medical practices.

Medication sales representatives must have a great knowledge of chemistry, anatomy, and physiology in order to explain to doctors how the new medication will affect their patients.

Financial analyst

Financial analysts evaluate stocks, bonds, investment funds and other investments for clients and companies. Biologists can use their advanced math skills to help assess the success of various investments.

Most analysts focus on specific industries, and biomedical specialties are particularly suitable for working as analysts in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical products, health services, and environmental companies.

Director of medical and health services

Health and medical services managers spend most of their time interacting with health care professionals and must be equipped to communicate with them about scientific policies and procedures.

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