13 Best Landscape Design Schools in the World


13 Best Landscape Design Schools in the World

What is the Difference Between Landscape Designer and Landscape Architect?

When you go through many resources online, you’ll be alarmed to see how landscape architect substitutes landscape designers. You may even wonder if the two mean the same.

well, in the task they do, landscape designers and landscape architects are similar. Both of them are professionals who utilize their knowledge and sense of aesthetics as well as expertise in landscaping to transform a drab-looking environment into one that is attractive and functional.

They are different in their designation, scope of work, and education, however. Before you call yourself a landscape architect, you must have completed a four-year landscape architecture degree and gained state licensure to practice. Landscape designers, on the other hand, can be self-taught, take a diploma or certification program, or bachelor’s based on preference, and do not require any form of licensure to wear his title about.

On the scope of work, licensed landscape architects take on bigger jobs. They plan and design public outdoor spaces like parks, campuses, cemeteries, etc. On the other hand, landscape designers mostly take on landscaping works at residential apartments.

Nonetheless, in big projects, you’ll most likely find landscape architects working beside landscape designers. This is because while the architect is very knowledgeable about the Hardscape component of the work, he may not be as knowledgeable as the landscape designer on the Softscape.

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