13 Best Private Universities in Kenya


13 Best Private Universities in Kenya

Education in Kenya

Education began in Kenya a long time ago. You can trace the School at Rabai near Mombasa far back to 1846, but education has never been for all, with its high cost. In 1963 after Kenya’s independence, however, Kenya began a campaign for free education. In the 70s Kenyan government abolished primary school fees but the same government introduced a cost-sharing measure between the government and citizens in mid-80s.

So you see, citizens could not afford to pay their own quota, hence the high dropout rate within that period. In 2003, however, the Kenyan government again promised free primary education to its citizens.

From that time till present, the growth of Kenya’s education sector has exceeded expectations. Kenya established its first university in 1970 and from that time till present, the country has established over fifty more universities, both public and private.

While the admission requirement for public universities in Kenya may be stringent, private universities exist to contain more Kenyans. This saves Kenyans from looking abroad to get an accredited university.

Also, with later reformations which saw old universities in Kenya gaining accreditation, the quality of education in Kenya improved. A good number of higher education institutions, including private and public universities in Kenya, now has accreditation by the relevant accreditation body in Kenya.

In Kenya, it takes a semester to complete a Certificate program and 2 semesters to complete Ordinary diploma. The undergraduate degree takes 8 semesters, Postgraduate diploma takes 2 semesters, and Master’s degree takes 4 semesters. All these are the minimum time of completion.

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