14 Best Hospitality Schools in the World 2020


14 Best Hospitality Schools in the World 2020

Why Hospitality Management?

The hospitality industry is huge, with only hotels that are worth more than half a trillion dollars in revenue each year. But the hospitality industry is much wider and offers many rewarding management positions, also in restaurants, event planning, theme parks, holiday clubs, cruise lines, casinos, and even professional athletics.

For example, some sports teams look for people with a degree in hospitality management to make travel and living arrangements for their athletes.

There are numerous opportunities for progress in the diverse and dynamic hospitality sector, especially for people with a Hospitality Management degree online. If you are cheerful, energetic, have leadership qualities and enjoy helping others, the global hospitality industry is worth considering.

If you are looking for a career that is fast, attractive and rarely boring, the hospitality industry may call you your name. And although entry-level jobs in the hospitality industry do not usually require a bachelor’s degree – if you want to thrive in the industry and take leadership positions, a bachelor in hospitality management is a great way to get started.

Hospitality Management programs are usually a challenging mix of basic business principles and practical experience, giving you a good foundation for a career in the field. Whatever your goals are, a good Hospitality Management program gives you skills that you can apply in different situations.

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