15 Best Interior Design Schools in California


15 Best Interior Design Schools in California

How can I become an Interior Designer in California?

Most times, people have a lot of misconceptions about the process taken to become an interior designer. For this reason, we sought to remove these facts by clearly stating the correct pathway.

LearnhowtoBecome has given us some key steps. Hence, they include;

  • Get a Bachelor Degree
  • Take the National Council Exam
  • Take some Projects
  • Expand your Portfolio
  • Increase your Opportunities

Get a Bachelor Degree

In our article on best interior design schools in the world, we outlined the processes involved in helping you make a good decision on the type of program you should choose. Therefore, we advise you to refer to it.

However, if you want to become an Interior Designer in California, you must obtain a degree. This degree will be the foundational path of your growth. In essence, you will understand the system that guide designs in addition to learning art techniques.

Finding a school for your course of study will depend on your time and budget. In the meantime, you can check out our list of best interior design schools in California.

Take the National Council Exam

This is a condition guarding some states in the U.S. However, Interior designers in California aren’t required to take the exam.

I believe you might be thinking its a good chance to evade another tedious examination, but, you should know you’re short-changing yourself.

Council Exams are organized by the body responsible for checking interior designers. Hence, this means that top interior design professionals are part of the process. As someone who wants to become a top shot interior designer, this exam is an opportunity to connect with them and grow.

Take Up Projects

Money? This is essentially a part of our lives but it still hampers individuals from going ahead. As an interior designer with a futuristic view, you need to take up projects free of charge. Yes! Free of Charge. Why? It’s a great way to build experience and expertise.

If you continue to take up projects, your works keep increasing and they become testaments of your competence. Because people don’t really hire designers they’ve not seen their works before.

Expand your Portfolio

Now, when you must have taken on a lot of projects, its time to target bigger and financially rewarding projects.

You need to organize your works into a document. This document is regarded as a portfolio. Why is it important? A portfolio is necessary because it shows prospective clients your projects through digital representations.

Moreso, you get to take them to events as they’re handy and easily accessible. Most times, the society of Interior Designers will demand these designs for an exhibition.

Increase your Opportunities

Technology keeps improving every day. For this reason, you need to keep increasing your understanding of their techniques.

One great way to increase your opportunities is to regularly take up certification programs. This helps you stay on top of newer trends and design styles too.

Don’t worry, in the course of this article, you’ll get to see available certification programs for interior designers in California.

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