15 Top PA Schools With High Acceptance Rates In 2020


15 Top PA Schools With High Acceptance Rates In 2020

There’s a widely accepted myth that a school that has a high acceptance rate automatically makes it worth less than its counterparts while others believe that a low acceptance rate is as good as the quality of education rendered. However, this isn’t true because there are a majority of PA schools with high acceptance rates that actually offer the best of education you can ever ask for.

That is the more reason why this article has been put together to pinpoint some of these schools which you may even consider applying to some!

To aid you understand better what this article is talking about, the table of contents have been provided below. Glance through!

What Is An Acceptance Rate For A PA School?

An acceptance rate is the percentage of applicants accepted into a physician assistant school. Usually, it is calculated by the total number of applicants against the number of students accepted.

This is one of the basic things a student should look out for so as to widen his or her chances of being enrolled in the institution of their choice.

What Are The Benefits Of A PA Schools With High Acceptance Rates?

The more your interest is drawn to PA schools with higher acceptance rates due to their programs, distinct locations, the more chances it opens for you to choose from when it comes to making a firm decision.

More so, PA schools with high acceptance rates can be a good choice for students with relatively lower grades and lower test scores.

List Of PA Schools With High Acceptance Rate

  • Wingate University
  • The University of Iowa
  • Barry University
  • Shenandoah University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Drexel University
  • University Of Colorado
  • Seton Hill University
  • The University of Oklahoma
  • Quinnipiac University
  • The University of Utah
  • Hofstra University
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Duke University
  • George Washington University

#1 Wingate University

The Wingate University’s PA program is dedicated to grooming educated, productive, and ethical physician assistants to serve the healthcare needs of the communities in which they practice.

Regardless of the very high acceptance rate of students at 93%, WU has over the years striven to graduate enthusiastic physician assistants to do well in their career path.

#2 The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa’s PA Program is designed with a unique curriculum to aid the students to go beyond the theoretical aspect of it to developing skills that will prepare them to face real-life challenges in their profession.

Also, the school is less competitive as the acceptance rate is very high at 86%. With a lot of effort put in, you are sure to secure a slot for yourself into the school’s PA program.

#3 Barry University

Established in 1940, Barry University is a private Catholic university located within the Miami Shores, Florida. it is one of the largest Catholic universities in the Southeast with an 85% acceptance rate.

The Physician Assistant program at BU trains students in the practice of collaborative medicine and encourages life-long learning and expert advancement. It encourages a technology-rich environment and clinical training experiences to help various patient groups.

#4 Shenandoah University

Shenandoah University is a private university in Winchester, Virginia. Having an enrollment of nearly 4,000 students over more than 200 areas of study in seven schools, this school’s PA program is an accredited, 30-month graduate-level program leading to a Master of Science in PA studies.

Shenandoah’s Master of Science in PA studies is a comprehensive graduate entry-level professional program that prepares you for primary care practice. The program emphasizes service to medically underserved populations and a team approach to the delivery of health care.

With a very high acceptance rate of 83%, it ranks tops in both the U.S. News & World Report.

#5 Northern Arizona University

This PA school is rated one of the best because of the many chances it provides intending students with so they can study their dream course and finally practise the profession. With an acceptance rate of 81%, this PA program equips students with the clinical and professional skills they need to provide an uncompromising medical care to the inhabitants of the state.

Northern Arizona University is a public research university with its main campus in Flagstaff, Arizona.

#6 Drexel University

Founded in 1891 by Anthony J Drexel, this physician assistant school is a private research university with its main campus in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having a high acceptance rate of 79%, this school’s PA program provides students with the fundamental Physician assistant skills in their chosen fields.

Additionally, the PA program seeks to mentor PAs in a professional manner so they serve the patients better and carry out their professional duties efficiently.

#7 University Of Colorado

Founded in 1968, the University of Colorado’s Physician Assistant Program is consistently ranked as one of the best PA programs in the country. The program is a master’s level, primary care PA program preparing graduates to provide comprehensive medical care for patients of all ages.

Interestingly, just as it has a very high acceptance rate of 80%, it graduates students in the same vein at the rate of 71%. Isn’t that fair enough to make this PA your choice of school for a PA program?

#8 Seton Hill University

The Seton Hill’s acceptance rate into its Physician Assistant Program is 75%. It equips the students with a wide range of hands-on clinical practise. With committed tutors and experienced health care providers, students are well assured to you will enjoy wide-ranging academic experiences and hands-on clinical practice.

That is why US News and World Report has ranked the Seton Hill’s physician assistant program as one of the best considering its acceptance and graduation rate.

#9 The University of Oklahoma

Established in 1890, the University of Oklahoma is a public research university in Norman, Oklahoma with an acceptance rate of 74%.

This PA school offers a physician assistant program and several dual degree programs to meet the different interests of the medical students.

#10 Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University is one of the PA schools that are moderately competitive school to get into with a strong chance of acceptance if you meet the requirements. Academically, it has difficult requirements for admission test scores, generally admitting students but the acceptance rate for its physician assistant program is about 72%.

physician assistant program will give you both the modern skills to be an indispensable member of a health care team and the cultural awareness necessary to effectively treat diverse populations.

#11 The University of Utah

The PA program at the University of Utah, School of Medicine is one of the oldest PA programs in the country and has held continued accreditation since 1971.

With an acceptance rate of 66%, the physician assistant program is committed to training students who will eventually turn out as professional physician assistants to meet the challenges of providing high-quality health care to patients.

This school’s PA program has continually been ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report since the inception of rankings.

#12 Hofstra University

Established in 1935 as an extension of New York University, this PA school with the acceptance rate of 64% has the best multiple learning techniques with instructions strategically provided. 

Examples include case-based learning, use of simulation, use of standardized patients (actors), hands-on practice sessions for procedural and physical examination skills, use of cadavers for anatomy instruction and procedure skills, and the traditional lecture format.

#13 University of Pittsburgh

Initially founded as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787, this public research university has an acceptance rate of 60%. This institution’s physician assistant program provides unique clinical arrangements. Additionally, students in this very PA program gain experience in diverse surgical and clinical settings.

Trust me when I say it is one of the most recognized academic institutions for Physician Assistant programs.  

#14 Duke University

Duke University as one of the PA schools with a high acceptance rate has an average acceptance rate of 46% into its physician assistant program for the class of 2020. However, for you to be strongly considered for admission, you must present evidence of academic potential.

Also, your knowledge of the health care system, passion, and good interpersonal skills will go a long way to helping you secure a place at Duke University.

#15 George Washington University

Established in1821, GW provides innovative programs in more than 200 fields of study, including graduate certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs. Without except to this PA school with high acceptance rate as opposed to others, the various programs which it offers and at different levels opens you up to the theoretical and practical aspect of the physician assistant program.

This is to ensure your preparedness of meeting a bigger challenge in the real world. Therefore, the acceptance rate for this school is 41% showing that it is highly competitive and that, the race isn’t just for the swift. A lot of hard work is required to be among the very few that are considered for admission.


I sincerely hope this information is helpful to guide you in your decision-making process.
Best wishes!!


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