8 Best Masters In Automotive Engineering In Australia


8 Best Masters In Automotive Engineering In Australia

In today’s world, a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering is not sufficient enough to meet the competition in the job market. That is why there is a need to acquire an advanced degree.

Having the extra education and experience associated with graduate work in the automobile engineering does not only prepare you for lucrative jobs. It improves your skills and broaden your knowledge on how to make cars better, faster, safer, cleaner and more sustainable.

If you are residents in Australia and desire to be a part of automotive businesses in the country, you can take advantage of the best schools that offer masters in automotive engineering as highlighted in this article.

But before we dive into that, let’s share with you some vital information you need to know about advanced programs in automotive engineering.

What Is Automotive Engineering?

Automotive Engineering is a discipline that deals with the design, manufacture, and operation of motorcycles, automobiles, and trucks and their respective engineering subsystems.

It is a branch of mechanical engineering. It covers the production, development, and manufacturing of automobiles by incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software, and safety engineering.

To become an automotive engineer, you need a broad knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, heat transfer, mass transfer, electricity, manufacturing processes, and economics.

Masters Degree In Automotive Engineering

Generally, a master’s degree program offers students an opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of automotive engineering. Common specialization tracks include manufacturing processes, electrical and computer systems, mechanical systems and materials science.

This program usually takes about a year or two depending on the institution. Students are exposed to bigger and more complex coursework to achieve an education adequate to the demands of a rapidly changing world of work.

Additionally, a master’s in automotive engineering opens up many potential career paths for individuals in this field.

How Much Does It Cost To enroll In Masters in Automotive Engineering in Australia?

The cost of getting an advanced degree in automotive engineering is dependent on quite a number of factors. First is the school and the location.

Most automotive engineering schools charge higher tuition for out-of-state students. However, some schools charge flat tuition regardless of residency.

Another key factor is the number of programs. A school that offers a greater number of programs is bound to charge more compared to that with a lesser number of programs.

In summary, the average tuition for automotive engineering graduate programs in Australia typically ranges from A$8,000 and A$40,000 per year for students in a standard or full-time program.

What are the requirements for Obtaining an Automotive Engineering Masters in Australia?

The major prerequisite to acquiring a master’s degree in automotive engineering is the bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering or related discipline.

After acquiring your bachelor’s degree and passing the relevant professional exams, you can then obtain a Master’s degree. The graduate program is simply a continuation of the undergraduate curriculum but it will be more vast and challenging as well.

In addition, if you possess a master’s degree in automotive engineering or a related field, you may decide to pursue a Ph.D. Apparently, this will launch you into opportunities at the top levels of industry and employment in research or teaching. 

How Can I Apply for A Good Masters Program in Automotive Engineering?

To apply for admission in any graduate automotive engineering school, you have to first, visit your preferred school site to view their requirements.

If you meet your school’s requirements, then you can proceed and acquire the admission form. Note that you can either do that online through the school website or you proceed to campus.

Furthermore, to gain admission into any automotive engineering graduate school, you are expected to hold a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline.

What are the Best Masters In Automotive Engineering In Australia?

Below is a list of schools offering masters in automotive engineering in Australia. Our selection criteria of these schools are the number of programs offered by the schools, education quality, average earnings of graduates, tuition, accreditation, and several other relevant factors.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools. You will have to read further to get information on the various degree programs offered, tuition info, and program options for these schools.

  • University of Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales, Sydney
  • Monash University, Melbourne
  • Australian National University
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Australian National University 
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • University of Newcastle

#1. University of Melbourne

Average Tuition: A$25,700
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

If you are seeking for the best masters in automotive engineering in Australia, the University of Melbourne should be the first place on your mind.

The reason is that the institution has a relatively small student-faculty ratio which allows the students to build a strong relationship with their tutors and other students.

Students offering automotive design courses pursue an education in classrooms, research laboratories, design subjects, as well as field subjects. This program prepares them for a higher job position and also an advanced course in this field.

#2. University of New South Wales, Sydney

Average Tuition: A$28,900
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

University of New South Wales, Sydney consistently ranks as one of the best universities for automotive engineering in Australia.

The school provides a smooth learning curriculum that enables the students to have a better chance of getting personal coaching lectures.

Masters students are provided with an adequate and encouraging environment that helps them to learn and work in an innovative and fresh way. They are exposed to various research programs conducted in University which have helped to bring changes in the world.

#3. Monash University, Melbourne

Average Tuition: A$18,800
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

If you are considering a reputable institution for your master’s program, Monash University is a great choice.

According to data from the school website, Monash’s teaching is among the top 20%, the international outlook in the top 10%, research in top 10%, and industry income in the top 20% when compared with universities across the globe. 

Students in this school engage in research topics that aim to address issues, offer solutions, and advance technology within the automotive engineering sector.

#4. Australian National University

Average Tuition: A$28,200
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

 Australian National University (ANU) awards a Master’s degree in automotive engineering.

The programs cover a wide range of courses that gives the students an advantage to top automotive engineering companies within the country and the world at large.

The Master of Science program is usually two semesters to complete. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 24 units of coursework with a comprehensive examination or report.

Graduates from this institution are sought by all major companies, government agencies, and industries.

#5. University of Technology Sydney

Tuition: A$35,860
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

The University of Technology Sydney is a leading research university and offers one of the best masters in automotive engineering in Australia.

This school is a heavily research-based university and is a great choice for students looking for a unique combination of urban life, research-based academics as well as a wonderful student life.

The automotive engineering masters programs offer opportunities for a wide variety of academic and career destinations.

Additionally, students can also gain valuable work experience through graduate assistantships given that the university has strong ties to industries and professionals, especially the alumni. 

#6. Australian National University 

Average Tuition: A$28,200
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

Australian National University offers one of the best masters in automotive engineering in Australia and across the world. According to QS World’s University Rankings, ANU stands at the 19th spot in top universities in the world.

The masters in automative engineering coursework provide students with skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to improve the quality of life for many people through engineering practice.

#7. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Average Tuition: A$35,000
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT) is a leader in automotive engineering. The school provides a wide range of courses and large research centers that allows students to share expertise and resources.

Students gain experience in designing devices and systems and improving machines and vehicles used in everyday life. International work placement opportunities with leading industries equip you for a global career.

#8. University of Newcastle

Tuition: A$36,000
Accreditation: Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET

The University of Newcastle masters in the automotive engineering program is one of the best in Australia. The college consistently ranks among the best engineering schools nationally and internationally.

Students in this program offer courses that enhance their thinking and prepare them to handle problems in the real world.

Coursework covers topics in Performance Modelling for Road & Racing Cars, Energy Sources and Storage, and Automotive Design and Analysis.

What Can I Do With A Graduate Degree In Automotive Engineering?

Apart from the basic responsibility of being in charge of the development of passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles or off-road vehicles, an automotive engineer also perform other duties.

Other responsibilities of the automotive engineer can cover any of the following:

  • Research, design, development, and production of vehicles and components.
  • Preparation of cost estimates and design specifications.
  • Prepare plans and drawings.
  • Analysis of energy, environmental and safety aspects of the proposed project.
  • Predict vehicle or component behavior under different conditions using computer models.
  • Development of test procedures.
  • Investigate product failures.
  • Analysis, interpretation, and condensation of technical data in reports or presentations.
  • Supervise the technical staff.
  • Work closely with other types of engineers, such as civil, electrical, aerospace, chemical and industrial.
  • Work with professionals from other professional fields, such as marketing and legal.

How Much Can I Earn With A Masters In Automotive Engineers?

According to Glassdoor, an automotive engineer earns a national average salary of $76,430 On the other hand, Payscale reports that the average salary for an Automotive Engineer is $76,513.

Also from payscale, below are the popular employers of automotive engineers and their pay:

  • Ford Motor Company – $91k
  • General Motors Corporation – $85k
  • FCA Corp – $77k
  • Chrysler Group LLC. – $88k

What is the Job Outlook For Automotive Engineers With A Master’s Degree?

According to Chron, the employment rate of automotive engineers is expected to increase by 9 percent between now and 2026. It also projects that in the USA, Texas, Michigan, and California provide the most positions for automotive engineers.

Automotive engineering is a fast-growing field in the engineering sector and offers a huge range of career opportunities. If you are a professional in this field, you can acquire an advanced degree or learn a new skill by enrolling in the top graduate automotive engineering schools in our list.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Masters in Automotive Engineering in AustraliaWhat are the best graduate schools for automotive engineering In Australia?

The top graduate schools for automotive engineers are:
University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales, Sydney
Monash University, Melbourne
Australian National University

How much does it cost to get a graduate degree in automotive engineering?

Tuition in automotive engineering graduate schools ranges from A$10,000 and A$60,000.

Where Can I work with a Master’s degree in automotive Engineering?

A master’s degree holder in automotive engineering may get employed in top automobile companies and many other job settings related to this discipline.

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