Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in USA


Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in USA

Getting a scholarship as an international undergraduate student is quite difficult. It’s either you fail to meet the eligibility requirements or there are few available spaces. The Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in the USA is one scholarship with a huge difference.

A testimonial from one of the beneficiaries of this scholarship connotes “I didn’t even think going to college was possible. In fact, I had planned to focus on trading. My cousin saw this scholarship opportunity and encouraged me to apply. I told him I wouldn’t get through because I didn’t have a high CGPA. Nevertheless, I applied and my story is different as I’m studying what I love and I’m happy”.

If you want such an experience, then you have to take a pen and a note, sit comfortably and calmly read through this article.


Because in this article, we’ll outline to you everything about the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships in 2020. This will include the application requirements, scholarship benefits and much more.

The table below clearly outlines what you will get to know about this scholarship.

About the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in USA 2020

The Institute of International Education (IIE) are the sponsors of this scholarship program.

They are a body completely committed to pioneering international education and collaboration among higher institutions.

Currently, they are focused on helping undergraduate students from every part of the world study in the U.S.

So, if you’re seeking to enrol in an undergraduate program degree, then you’re in the best position to get this award.

The scholarship offers amazing benefits and I bet you would like to know. Keep reading!

As a beneficiary of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students in the USA, you get to enjoy awesome benefits.

However, a combination of all the benefits amounts to a $25,000 award which will be given to you per academic year.

You will use this amount to take care of your tuition and living expenses. Awesome right?

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships for International Students, you need to fulfil certain requirements which include;

  • Be planning on enrolling in an undergraduate degree or a certificate program
  • Possess a high school certificate
  • Submit a high school transcript
  • Present two references letters
  • Possess a personal written statement of approximately 500 words or a video statement of nothing less than three minutes
  • Submit a copy of English Language Test Certificate (for candidates from non-English speaking countries)
  • Present Portfolio of up to three examples of your design work. Your portfolio can consist of links to websites you have built and/or links to third-party sites where you have uploaded your work (examples of third-party sites include Behance, YouTube, DailyMotion, Imgur, Dropbox, etc.)

This scholarship is for international undergraduate students or intending undergraduate students in the U.S.

This scholarship is hosted by the Institute of International Education.

Individuals from all over the world can apply for this scholarship.

Application Process

The application process for the Adobe Design Scholarship for International students starts online.

Firstly, you’ll need to pick the application form and submit it online after completing it.

Secondly, you’ll present all supporting documents outlined above i.e. transcripts, personal statements etc.

Finally, you’ll wait to hear from the I.I.E body on your application status.

In case you encounter any difficulties in writing a personal statement, we have something that will make it easy for you.

Our article on How to write a Personal Statement for College will guide you.

Selection Process

The selection process for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships will be assessed based on certain criteria such as;

  • Achievement and true potential in the design field, with top priority on product, experience and digital design
  • Exemplified leadership potential and ability
  • Unique character, commitment and capacity to use design for positive social change
  • Clearly communicated financial need to support educational goals
  • Career and educational goals in line with stated scholarship objectives
  • Compelling references

The scholarships will then be awarded to the applicants based on how well they scale through these criteria.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships is March 12, 2020.

Therefore, you need to hurry and submit your application.

Adobe will send notifications to all applicants informing them of their application status (awarded or not awarded) in May 2020.

Hence, all recipients will need to submit the verification of their admission to and enrollment in a recognized post-secondary institution in order to receive their scholarship awards.

Essentially, scholarship recipients who are not able to produce proof of enrollment may be passed over in favour of an alternate candidate.

FAQWho is eligible to apply for the Adobe Design Circle Scholarship?

All undergraduate or intending undergraduate students in the U.S can apply for this scholarship program.

Do I need to have a minimum grade point to apply for this scholarship?

No. You don’t need to have a minimum grade point in order to apply for this scholarship. However, you need to demonstrate academic potential and interest.

Can I study in any field under this scholarship?

This scholarship is open to students interested in pursuing a career in product or experience design i.e. digital, web, UI/UX, Industrial design

How do I submit my portfolio for the Adobe Design Scholarship?

In the application form section, there is a place to drop URLs. However, your designs must be uploaded on third-party sites like DropBox and YouTube.

What do scholarship recipients receive?

All scholarship beneficiaries of the Adobe Design Circle Scholarships will receive $25,000 per academic year.

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Scholarships are many and come in their numbers and in order to get a good scholarship, you may need to search deeper and deeper.

Therefore, the most important principle you should have is never to give up on yourself and your education.

Invest in your mind. Always be looking out for opportunities and someday, you will be victorious.

We wish you success in your application process and hope you get enlisted.

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