AFDB Japan Africa Dream Scholarship 2020 for African Students


AFDB Japan Africa Dream Scholarship 2020 for African Students

What is Japan Africa Dream Scholarship?

Japanese state education system is national pride in this country, with a traditional approach that has helped Japanese students.

ADB and the Japanese government’s main objective is to improve human resources development and skills in Africa within the World Bank’s High 5s agenda (ie, “Feed Africa”, “Light up Africa”, “Industrialize”) “Africa”, “African integration”, “Improving the quality of life of African people”), and major development support initiatives in Japan.

JADS’s main research areas include energy, agriculture, health, environmental sustainability, and engineering. The program also aims to promote university cooperation and university-industry partnerships between Japan and Africa.

Upon completion of academic work, JADS scholars are expected to return to their home countries and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to the public and private sectors to disseminate and contribute to national and continental socio-economic development.

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