Beit Trust Scholarships for Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian Students, 2019-2020


Beit Trust Scholarships for Zambian, Zimbabwean and Malawian Students, 2019-2020

Scholarship Application Method

‣ Please complete and submit this initial application form to gain qualification for application to no later than 15 August 2017.

‣ Scholarship Applications are due on 31st August annually.

Before applying please read carefully our “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section and be aware of the following criteria. If you have any questions, please do first ask.

Zimbabwe and Malawi: Application lists open on 1 June and should be made to The Beit Trust Representative, P.O. Box CH 76, Chisipite, Harare, ZIMBABWE. (Office: 5 Ludlow Rd., Newlands, Harare) E-Mail: [email protected].

Zambia: Application lists open on 1 April and should be made to The Secretary, The Beit Trust, Beit House, Grove Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5JB, ENGLAND.   E-Mail:[email protected]

Please note that all documents including independent references must be received by The Beit Trust by 31 August.

Zimbabweans – download your application form using this online link.  Zimbabwean applicants do not need to fill out an initial application form.

Malawians – download your application form using this online link.   Malawian applicants do not need to fill out an initial application form.

Zambians – you need to fill out an initial application form using this online initial application link.  Applicants are urged to complete the online form as early as possible to establish whether they would qualify. If you do qualify, a form will be sent to you and you will be required to provide additional information and details. This information will include, but may not be restricted to, the following:-

  • A fuller application form
  • A medical certificate from your doctor
  • A certified transcript of your degree results
  • A certified document of evidence of residency (National Registration Card or birth certificate)
  • Up to date CV showing all work experience

Only those applicants who state that they intend to return to work in the relevant country upon completion of the scholarship, and who can, if short-listed, present themselves for an interview before a Beit Postgraduate Scholarship Selection Board in Harare, Blantyre or Lusaka at the beginning of December, will be considered.

Selection is highly competitive, and only Postgraduates with at least a Merit (equivalent to a good 2.1 from a UK university) in their first degree are likely to succeed.  The selectors favor practical and useful disciplines that are likely to offer a clear benefit to the beneficial area. Because of their high cost, MBAs and PhDs are very seldom awarded in the UK, but a taught MBA at an established university in South Africa is acceptable.

‣ Application forms and guidelines can be download from the official website

‣ It is important to read the application procedure and visit the official websites (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


31st August annually.


For more information about Beit Trust Scholarships

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