Benacquisto Scholarship For High School Graduates 2021


Benacquisto Scholarship For High School Graduates 2021

Trying to get through high school in America is always difficult because of the cost. And students always borrow money in most cases to achieve this.

However, the Benacquisto scholarship for high school graduates has come to help brilliant high school graduates.

This Benacquisto scholarship is a scholarship for a high school graduate that wins the National Merit Award in Florida. Initially, it was known as the Florida National Merit. But in 2019, the name of this grant changed to Benacquisto Scholarship. This change of name is after Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto who is a strong supporter of the grant.

Indeed, the Benacquisto Scholarship scheme has come to help out in this problem. This grant helps those that finished high school and are from Florida to gain higher education.

What Is Benacquisto Scholarship?

This is a scheme in Florida that offers scholarship on merit to high school graduates that get the National Merit Scholar award. This grant enables the student to study at a university in Florida. Furthermore, in-state and out-of-state students are eligible for this.

How Can I Get the Benacquisto Scholarship?

First of all, you must have to write the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Actually, you can only write this test once in October every year. Although, so many students write this test both in their first and second years. But only the scores from their junior year is can count.

Which Score Is Needed For Benacquisto Scholarship?

Honestly, scoring those that made the Benacquisto scholarship is usually difficult based on the scores from all the states. The National Merit Scholarship scores with 50,000 of the highest scores and they divide it into Commended Students or Semifinalists.

How Much Is Benacquisto Scholarship?

Benacquisto scholarship in Florida, awards in-state (those living inside the state) college graduates $21,210 and out-of-state (those living outside the state) college graduates $21,210.

The Way Forward For Benacquisto Awards

In order to boost the universities in Florida, more brilliant students were given Benacquisto awards into them. In short, you can imagine the number of hot brains there.

However, before the change of name, the only students that can get this grant are those from Florida. But now, a student from another state can get the Benacquisto Scholarship.


As a matter of fact, the following are the requirements for applying to all Benacquito Scholarships:

  • You have been a resident of Florida and a citizen of the USA or an eligible non-citizen.
  • Also, you must obtain a Florida high school diploma or its equivalent from a Florida public high school or a registered Florida Department of Education private school.
  • Even more, you must not have any criminal case.
  • However, you must be accepted by and enroll in a degree or certificate program at an eligible Florida public or independent postsecondary institution.
  • In addition, you must enroll for full-time (at least 12) credit hours per term.
  • Non-Florida residents must live in Florida or near the campus of the institution.

This scholarship is meant for a USA High School senior who is ready to pursue their undergraduate studies in any of the universities in Florida.

The Benacquito Scholarship actually takes place in the USA.

On the other hand, the Benacquisto scholarship is open for only USA students to study in any of the universities in Florida. Consequently, the Benacquisto grant is available for eight semesters of study only.

Award Amount For Benacquito Scholarship

Thus, eligible students for the Benacquito scholarship get a yearly award which is equal to the institutional cost of attendance (COA), minus the sum of Bright Futures (BF) award and National Merit Award. Hence, [Benacquisto Scholarship = COA – (BF + NM)].

Even more, non-Florida residents will get an award that is equal to the in-state on-campus cost of attendance. As a matter of fact, students from other states do not pay out-of-state fees. [Benacquisto Scholarship = COA – NM].

Above all, this award cannot help you to get summer coursework.

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How Do I Apply For Benacquisto Scholarship?

There is no application procedure for this scholarship. But, the student who wants to apply must have a high PSAT score. Above all, the score can help the person win a National Merit Award. For more information visit the official website below.

When is the Application Deadline for Benacquisto Scholarship?

The Scholarship deadline for application is usually February 17.

Benacquisto Scholarship FAQsDo you pay tax while on Benacquisto Scholarship?

Actually, inheritors of this Benacquisto Scholarship do not pay tax because the grant covers for school fees and housing.

What does Benacquisto Scholarship mean?

As a matter of fact, Benacquisto Scholarship a scheme in Florida that offers scholarship on merit to high school graduates that get the National Merit Scholar award.
Furthermore, inheritors get an award which is equal to the school cost of attendance for natives of Florida who are students minus the sum of Bright Futures and the National Merit Award.

What is Benaquisto scholarship for out-of-state?

Well, this is an opportunity for a non-Florida resident to obtain the Benacquisto grant. However, he/she must live in Florida or near the campus of the institution.


Finally, the Benacquisto scholarship tries to help USA students inside and outside Florida to study at the university. Furthermore, it helps to make high school students study harder in order to get better grades to make the National Merit Scholar Award.


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