EDD | 2020 Young Leaders Programme


EDD | 2020 Young Leaders Programme

Are you curious about climate change? Do you play an active role in promoting environmental issues and biodiversity preservation? If yes, you’re at the right spot. The European Commission is inviting the youth all over the world to this year”s European Development Days (EDD) Programme. The youth summit will expound the issues ravaging the planet and profer solutions.

Organized by the European Commission, the European Development Days Programme brings the development community together yearly to present ideas and experiences in ways that profer solution to the present world challenges like climate change and the rest of them. The event is participatory.

Therefore, the European Commission is inviting young people from around the world to take part in this year’s EDD 14th edition.

17 extraordinary young people aged 21-26 will be selected to portray the powerful impact the youth are having in the sustainable development field. In addition, the program will consist of a ten-day visit to Brussels, Belgium where the young leaders will meet EU stakeholders and key officials.

For what it’s worth, the time has come for you to make your voice heard. Therefore, I urge you to apply for the Young Leaders Programme and grab the awesome chance to be invited to Brussels to share your noble ideas.

About the EDD Youth Programme 2020

The topic of the event is built around ” The Green Deal for sustainable Future”. ” The Interdependence of Humans and nature lies at the core of sustainable development.

Biodiversity and strong ecosystems are crucial for human beings. In essence, they support the livelihood, promote food security, reliable access to water and healthcare and contribute significantly to climate change tackling and adaptation.

Therefore, activities aimed at ensuring a sustainable green transition and achieving sustainable development goals are important for maintaining planet earth.

Summarily, the agenda of this year’s young leader’s forum is coined by two major themes; A Green Economy for Nature and People and Protecting Biodiversity and People.

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program for Young Professionals | 2020What are the Benefits EDD Youth Programme?

While there may be no specified amount attached to the youth program, the youth program opens participants to greater opportunity to learn more about maintaining the earth. Interestingly, travel and accommodation for all participants are catered for by the European Commission.

Eligibility Requirements- Who Should Apply for EDD Youth Programme 2020?

  • The program is open to young people around the world aged 21-26
  • You must be playing an active role in the fight for gender equality and women empowerment at the local, national and regional levels.
  • Also, you must be willing to share your views on high-level debates alongside world leaders and other top guns in the development field.

How Do I Apply For EDD Youth Programme 2020?

Youth is a major force behind every important development issue in our world today given their future-oriented perspective. So, European Development Days seek to give the youth the opportunity to express their views, influence stakeholders and develop their full potentials as the leaders of tomorrow.

The Youth program invites 17 successful proactive young leaders with strong expertise and commitment to societal growth.

However, there are 6 registration steps to be followed;

  • Step1 General Information – Here, you need to submit your personal profile which comprises; Bio date, social media profiles, Language of Presentation and three topics.
  • Step 2 Video – You will upload a 2mins video on Youtube where you present yourself, vision, and topic and why you’ll be a good representative at EDD 2020. Note, the video must be uploaded in English and any video above 2 mins won’t be accepted.
  • Step 3 Representation – EDD is looking for candidates who have credible leadership qualities. Therefore, you’ll have to explain why you’re a good representative fo your topic in 500 words, name of project/ organization/ movement that you wish to represent at European Development Days Programme 2020, your role and finally one reference letter from somebody who can guarantee your involvement.
  • Step 4 Your Experience – Have you ever given a speech before? you’ll be asked to give a detailed analysis of the experience in 600 characters.
  • Step 5 Your Involvement – Here, you’ll provide a detailed background of what you do and how actively committed you are to achieving sustainable development goals. Finally, you also have to present evidence of involvement. This can include; photos, videos, articles, reference reports, etc
  • Step 6 Additional Comment – Attach any related comment to your proposal then submit.

WHO Global Malaria Programme 2020When is the Application Deadline EDD Youth Programme?

Interested partici[pants are expected to send in their application before February 21st, 2020. However, the program is slated for 9th-10th June 2020.

FAQ’s on EDD Young Leaders Programme 2020Where is EDD Young Leaders Programme 2020 holding?

The event is holding in Brussels, Belgium.

When is the Deadline of EDD Young Leaders Programme Application?

The application closes on February 21st 2020.

What are the Benefits of EDD Young Leaders Programme?

Travel and accommodation are catered for by the European Commission.

Who can Apply for the EDD Young Leaders Summit?

The application is open to youth all over the world aged 21-26.

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The European Development Days Programme 2020 is an avenue for the youth to air their views and voices on selected issues affecting the planet towards the attainment of the SDG. Therefore, concerned youth all over the world are urged to apply.

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