Global Health Corps Fellowship for Emerging Leaders 2020


Global Health Corps Fellowship for Emerging Leaders 2020

Well, Global Health Corps is a U.S. non-profit organization that offers a competitive fellowship to support emerging global health leaders. Basically, the Global Health Corps fellowship selects young professionals in the health sector.

Selected applicants proceed to become fellows earn a stipend for 13 months while working with organizations promoting health equity in East Africa, Southern Africa, and the United States.

GHC fellowship programs comprise of training, Learn as you go, build your resilience and Global Supporting Community. If you get selected, see details on what to expect below.


GHC fellowship starts with one week of inspiring sessions with thought leaders, bonding with your cohort, and reflections on your role as a next-gen global health leader. Training, coaching, and mentorship continue year-round!

Learn as you go

At this stage, you will adapt and innovate as you learn the needs of your placement organization, and work to add value and advance health equity. Definitely, there will be highs and lows, and new learnings every day.

Build Your Resilience

The transformation of the healthcare system is complex, challenging and long-term. You have to bring your whole body. Therefore, the development of resilience, personal care, and empathy as an aspiring leader is an integral part of the program.

Global Supporting Community

GHC scholarship holders and alumni cover boundaries and boundaries of all kinds but form a single network that is united in the belief that health is a human right. The scholarship holders are placed in pairs, so there is always someone to turn to.

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