Google Ghana Reseach Internship Program 2020 %


Google Ghana Reseach Internship Program 2020 %

What will I benefit from Google Ghana Internship?

Basically, research happens across google everyday, in many different teams. This researches has made a lot of impact in user-facing services across Google including search, Maps and Google Now.

So, at the Ghana Internship research program, research will be done differently. research scientist would not be cloistered in the lab, but instead they work closely with software engineers to discover, invent, and build at the largest scale.

At the research program, ideas may come from internal projects, as well as from collaborations with research programs at partner universities and technical institutes all over the world.

In fact, you will stay connected to your research roots as an active contributor to the wider research community by partnering with universities and publishing papers.

Generally, at the research program in 2020 you will participate in cutting edge research to develop solutions for real-world, large scale problems.

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