Google Rise Award 2019-2020 | APPLY NOW


Google Rise Award 2019-2020 | APPLY NOW

About Google Rise Award 

Google definitely knows how important computer intelligence can be and if you watch their operations closely you’d know that they’ve invested much in making sure that youths are equipped with a stable knowledge of the internet through the use of a computer.

They are in a real mission of making sure that minority and underrepresented youths are equipped with the necessary resources to broaden their knowledge in computer.

Google needs more students from diverse backgrounds to have access to computer science (CS) education so that they can be creators, not just consumers, of tomorrow’s technology.

Yet we know that many students lack access to CS learning opportunities in school (in the US, for example, only 1-in-4 schools offers to programme).

One of the ways they’re working to address the lack of diversity in the tech industry and the lack of access to CS education is through the RISE Awards.

Apparently, the rice award is a product of the hunger to improve the computer science world focusing on the minority and underrepresented youths, this clearly justifies why the rise award is worth up to $10,000.

Unlike so many awards this award has its main concentration on computer science and how the knowledge of computer could be funded so as to improve the efficiency of work done by computers.

Learning about CS promotes valuable problem-solving skills that students can apply to any field of study. Unfortunately, many students have a negative perception of what CS is and who it’s for. By partnering with nonprofits that are providing students with access and exposure to CS, Google hopes to change this perception and encourage more students to pursue CS.

Google has been inspired by the creativity and passion we’ve seen from our past RISE awardees, and this year they’re excited to expand the reach of the RISE awards by opening two rounds of funding applications for nonprofit organizations.

This award is one of a kind, because its criteria is not dependent on the level of academics, or field of study,  it is just focused on funding the computer science education,  most times for This year, our community welcomed more than two dozen organizations from around the world, from Denmark to Uganda and California to Romania.

The RISE grants have helped these groups to scale their reach by allowing for more scholarship recipients, to deepen their impact by providing hands-on robotics kits, and to ultimately inspire their students by creating a community for CS outreach.

Now, the RISE Awards have expanded to include applicants from Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, bringing our total to six continents and 243 countries. All eligible nations are listed

This is for organizations who want to explore more about computer science.  This education could well be done under an organization,  it doesn’t necessarily require a  university education.

The RISE Awards are now accepting applications through February 19, and more information on the application process is listed on the scholarship website. Visit to learn more about Google’s other CS resources, including our CS teacher professional development awards, Computer Science for High School (CS4HS), which is also currently accepting applications for the 2019 year.


Application for the annual Google Rise (Roots in Science and Engineering) Awards would be open from February to September 2019.

The RISE Awards are an annual grants program for nonprofit organizations that promote CS education opportunities with a specific emphasis on outreach to girls and underrepresented minorities.

The RISE program supports and connects not-for-profit organizations around the world that are working to increase equity and access in CS education. The winners will get financial support of $10,000- $25000.

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