Helmut Veith Stipend for International Female Students at TU Wien, Austria


Helmut Veith Stipend for International Female Students at TU Wien, Austria

At Vienna University of Technology in Austria, there are various opportunities available for students at different levels who want to achieve exceptional academic results. One of such opportunity is Helmut Veith Stipend for international female students at the master’s degree level.

This program serves as a source of motivation to help them pursue a master’s degree program in Computer Science.

So, if you are a female student and you want to complete a master’s degree in that field, then I will advise you carefully read this post because in here we have put down relevant information about Helmut Veith Stipend for International and how you can apply successfully.

Note, the table of contents below provides you with an overview of all that is wrapped in this post.

All You Need to Know about Helmut Veith Stipend

Getting relevant information about Helmut Veith Stipend TU Wien, Austria before apply will definitely increase your chances of winning. This is because you will get to use how it works, what you will gain, and most importantly how you can apply.

First let’s talk about the sponsor

About Vienna University of Technology

Vienna University of Technology popularly known as TU Wien was founded in 1815. Since then, it has continued to play a major role in helping students build exceptional career pathways.

This is seen in its quest to provide various courses, advanced facilities, well-qualified lecturers, and a welcoming environment for students from around the world.

Moreso, the university offers world-class education and committed to an international perspective at all levels.

Furthermore, as a student in this prestigious university, you can be sure of transferable skills that can help you man the different roles in your career.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is offered at a masters degree level in Computer science.

What You will Gain

Winners of this program get EUR 6000 every year for a duration of up to two years and Waiver of all tuition fees at TU Wien.

Eligibility for Helmut Veith Stipend

To qualify for Helmut Veith Stipend, you must meet up with the following

  • Be an international female student.
  • Have a good level of written and spoken English.
  • Be pursuing a Masters Degree in Computer Science at TU Wein.
  • Must have extensive knowledge and interest in (at least one of) Helmut Veith’s areas of research:
  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Formal Methods and Verification
  • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • Complexity Theory
  • Computer Security
  • Proficiency in English

Furthermore, you must meet up with the following conditions;

  • You must be committed to demonstrating good progress during their studies, i.e.:
    • obtain at least 25 ECTS credits from the respective master’s curriculum per term on average since the beginning of their master’s studies (the deadlines are April 30 for the winter term and November 30 for the summer term), and
    • achieve a grade average of at most 1.5.
  • Have to reside in Austria during term time for the duration of their studies. Exceptions and temporary interruptions of the stay during term time (e.g., for internships or research visits) are subject to approval.
  • The stipend is provided for the duration of the master’s program (subject to the conditions listed above), for up to 2 years.

Host Nationality

This program is provided by Vienna University of Technology in Austria.

Eligible Nationality

This TU Wien is available for female students from all over the world. That means, its an international program.

How You Can Apply for TU Wien Helmut Veith Stipend 2020

Applying for Helmut Veith Stipend at TU Wien, Austria is done online. Also, it is necessary that when applying, you attach the following documents:

  • Transcripts
  • Cover Letter. This should tell the type of funding you are applying for, and all other aspects you are deems relevant for the application
  • Motivation Letter. This should explain why you want to study  in the program Logic and Computation, why funding is necessary
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Diplomas and certificates (first degree, bachelor’s degree, or higher).
  • Copy of passport
  • Two Letters of recommendations
  • English language certificate like TOEFL since you are an international student.

Helmut Veith Stipend TU Wien Application Deadline

The Application Deadline for submitting your application is November 30th, 2020. Note, you must submit your application on or before the due date because any application submitted after that will not be considered.

To start your application today click the button below

FAQsWhich country can apply for Helmut Veith Stipend?

To apply, you must be an international female student.

Can student at any Level Apply?

No, this scholarship is available for only female master’s students.

When is the due date for applying for Helmut Veith Stipend 2020?

The application deadline for 2020 Helmut Veith Stipend is November 30th, 2020.



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