How To Trend On Instagram – Complete Guide


Social platforms have greatly contributed to economic development positively rather than negatively. It functions and benefits have greatly improved from being a mere fun and entertainment hub to being platforms for earning billions globally. It is an important tool to enhance your product sales, digital marketing and showcasing your talents. One of such social platforms is the Instagram commonly referred to as “I.G”.

How To Trend On Instagram
How To Trend On Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has evolved from being a hub for just posting pictures and videos, it has become one of the biggest platforms (If not the biggest) for talent showcase, digital marketing and much more. It is nearly impossible to find a celebrity these days without an Instagram account; this shows how essential the platform is for their businesses also. The beautiful thing about this is that – the owner of these platforms keeps adding features and tools that can help improve marketing and sales.

This article would look into how to trend on Instagram and give out some tips on how to become popular on I.G. Trending on I.G means being popular, being the talk of the platform for a short period of time, which usually doesn’t last more than a day or two but being popular on the other hand means being an Instagram celebrity. Irrespective of what you want out of the two, it takes hard work, consistency and, commitment. Below are tips on how to trend/become popular on Instagram;

POST A VIRAL CONTENT – The easiest way to trend on I.G is by posting viral content. Viral contents are pictures or videos that spread wide in a short period of time; it doesn’t necessarily need for it to be explicit content. Rap freestyles, captivating singing videos, skits dealing with contemporary issues and so on are an example of contents that can go viral and make you trend on Instagram. However, it is quite important that for you to trend such contents, you need to add a hashtag, it helps you to increase and also the impression of your content.

START OR ENGAGE IN A CHALLENGE – Starting a challenge is quite similar to posting a viral content, however, the difference is that you need people to participate in your challenge, while people need not participate in making your viral content, all they need do is repost. Participating in celebrity challenge is also another means to trend on I.G, if your participation is captivating enough, you can get a re-post from a celebrity with over hundreds of thousand followers, this act would sell you to the world and make you more popular. So also is starting a challenge of yours, once it gets more popular and goes viral people would be more curious about its origin and as such you’d get a deserved popularity or trend. However, it is essential not to note that the use of a hashtag is also vital in this case.

PICK A PARTICULAR NICHE – Another way to become popular on Instagram is by picking a particular niche and being consistent in posting content about that niche. You might choose to focus on art, poetry, comedy, dance and so on. Irrespective of the niche you choose to ensure you have something unique to offer and be consistent.

BE AN ACTIVE USER – For you to trend or become popular on Instagram, you need to be an active user of the platform, you don’t wait till you get notifications before you log in on the platform. Ensure you learn and use all its tools and features. Update captivating status often, follow popular celebrities especially those in your niche, engage them in the comment section and be interactive with your followers.

These are just a few tips on trending and becoming popular on Instagram, I hope you enjoy your read!

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