Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship 2020


Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship 2020

Are you among the people asking if there are scholarships to study music? The answer is yes! Jean Kennoway Howells scholarships provides you £9,000 to support your master’s education at Edinburg University in the UK.

Let’s show you what you need to do to win this scholarship and study music with ease.

Brief Description

The applications for Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship are now being accepted. This scholarship supports master degree program at Reid School of Music at the university. The selected applicants will receive £9,000 which is tenable for one academic year. To be eligible, candidates should have an offer from the school. 

Scholarship Description

In 2020/2021 academic year, there are a number of taught master’s scholarships of Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship available in the Reid School of Music. This scholarship will be given for one academic year. Please note, only prospective students are welcome to apply this scholarship.

Scholarship Value

The scholarship recipient is expected to receive £9,000 and is tenable for one academic year.

Level and Area of Studies

All candidates interested in the Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship have the opportunity to pursue a Master degree in all subjects offered at the Reid School of Music.

Place of Study

The place of study for candidates who want the Jean Kennoway Howells Scholarship is Reid School of Music, Edinburgh University, UK

Eligibility and Criteria

  • This scholarship is available for those who have received an offer to study by the scholarship deadline.
  • The scholarship will be awarded broadly on the basis of academic merit. Candidates must have, or expect to obtain, a UK first class or 2:1 honours degree at undergraduate level or the international equivalent.
  • The selection panel will also take into account financial circumstances to ensure that as far as possible financial need does not impede a university education.

Applicants’ Nationality

UK students are welcome to apply the Jean Kennoway Howells scholarship.

Application Instruction

Before applying this scholarship, please ensure that you have been admitted at master program at the university. The application for this scholarship can be submitted online.

Submission Deadline

The application deadline for the Jean Kennoway Howells scholarship is March 1, 2020.

Website and Application Link

Main Scholarship Page


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