JIM OVIA Foundation Leaders Scholarships for Undergraduates 2019/2020


JIM OVIA Foundation Leaders Scholarships for Undergraduates 2019/2020

What You Need to know about the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarships

Through our various programmes, the Jim Ovia Foundation aims to equip the future of our African community by increasing the knowledge base and skills of our youths. the Jim Ovia Foundation has supported thousands of college students and entrepreneurs through provision accessible grants and scholarships.

The Jim Ovia Scholars Program was founded since 1998. It’s fully funded by Mr Jim Ovia, to give financial assistance to exceptional Nigeria youths. The scholarship once was known as the MUSTE scholarship. Eligible awardees are supported for their undergraduate and graduate study through the length of their program which also includes tuition and maintenance fees.

The program offers an average of 100 opportunities annually for new applicants while renewing applicants are also supported yearly, this depends on meeting all eligibility requirements of the scholarship. Since October 2010, Mr OVIA has invested over 100 Million Naira in this program to encourage 1500 beneficiaries and counting.

In establishing the Jim Ovia Scholarship,” Mr Ovia expected to create a network of future leaders within Nigeria who are able to compete internationally with their peers, bring fresh ideas,  creativity and are committed to improving the lives and circumstances of people in their respective communities.

Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship

The Jim Ovia Foundation Leadership Scholarship (JOFLS) is just a part of the Jim Ovia Scholarships. However, instead of being funded alone by the foundation, it is offered in a partnership with the Africa-America Institute (AAI).

JOFLS is given on the basis of intellectual ability, leadership capability and also a desire to utilize their wisdom to contribute to society throughout Nigeria by providing service to their community and applying their own knowledge and talent to improve the lifestyles of the others.

Over time it’s estimated the Jim Ovia Scholarship beneficiaries will become leaders in helping to address challenges related to health, technology, and fund, all areas in which the foundation is deeply engaged.

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