How Lucrative Is Videography In School – Complete Guide


The trend at which things follow nowadays has made honing one skill and developing one’s talent into something profitable. Depending on how determined and enthusiastic you are about the talent you possess, you might turn it into a significant source of income while your academics grade can be a backup.

How Lucrative Is Videography In School
How Lucrative Is Videography In School

However, as a student there some challenges you may face while trying to monetise your talent, you’ve got to consider balancing between academics and your business, how feasible is your business in your school, getting funds to keep yourself in the line of business and lots more.

This article is mainly aimed at looking into how feasible, profitable and marketable videography is in a school environment, how much a student can make from this professional and what it entails to sustain the business. It’s essential to know that irrespective of the niche you ply your trade, there’s always a market for it in the school environs. The absence of a market for your niche even makes it more advantageous for you, because you can create a market for yourself and run your business without competition for a while until others decide to benefit from your market and join your line of business.

The main point of the paragraph above is that – it’s isn’t necessarily crucial that there should be an existing market for videography in your school environments, you can be the pioneer once you can make people see the reason why they need it. Below we will be looking into how you can make money from videography in school.


Once you understand that outside of school, or during your lecture-free days, you’re like any other individual – not a student alone, then you can begin to use those leisure times to pursue your career outside of academics and earn a living. With this being said, we bring you various ways you can make money from videography in school:

SALES OF LECTURE VIDEOS – It is no doubt that large portion of the student populace finds themselves unwilling to attend lectures, some pay less attention in class, while some others prefer virtual learning to the real one. These categories of people create a market for your service, with your videography skills you can make high-quality videos of live lectures and either sell them or tell them to subscribe to your page with some fee for viewing at their convenience.

EVENT COVERAGE – This aspect is regarded as the significant focus of videography; numerous events are being organised on campus that the organisers would love to make memorable. This makes the need for a videographer vital. During the weekends, you can also cover events like marriage, birthdays and all other functions, to make an income while still in school.

Training – Every skills or trade is learnable, and there are people as interested as you are in a particular field. This phenomenon makes training individuals (both students like you and non-student) willing to learn videography an avenue to also generate income for you. All you need is to invest your time and knowledge, and you get a reward for through their training fee.

The fact that there are fewer students in most citadels venturing into videography makes it very lucrative and profitable. Asides from the points mentioned above, you can make skits, shoot musical videos for students into music, make promotional videos for brands and many more. All these are excellent means of making money from videography. The essential thing about any business is the ability to persevere, be unique and continuously re-brand. With all these, you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire student videographer.

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