How To Maintain Relationships Without Affecting Academics


The ability to strike a balance among various things is of the essential skills one needs to possess. This skill helps you achieve excellence in more than one thing simultaneously. Possession of this ability is what makes you “Jack of all trades, master of all.” You will agree with me that maintain balance among your activities isn’t innate; it is something you deliberately train yourself to do. Maintain a balance between academics and relationships comes has a challenge for student most of the time. When academic activities reach their peak, some people tend to focus all their attention on it, neglecting personal relationships with their friends, partners, and sometimes even their neighbor.

Maintain Relationships Without Affecting Academics
Maintain Relationships Without Affecting Academics

While education is very vital, it gives you no excuse to neglect personal relationships with your folks, especially your girlfriend or boyfriend. This reason is we would be going through some nuggets to help you deal with maintaining the balance between these two things. One sign that’d let you know you’re succeeding in balancing this two entity is when one of it isn’t affecting your progress in another; this is a strong indication that your effort to achieve equilibrium isn’t futile after all.

Set Goals – Setting goals involves you prioritizing; this doesn’t mean you should neglect one for the other; it merely requires you to focus your attention more on one than the other. You need to highlight what you tend to achieve whether in your academic pursuit or your relationship this allows you to evaluate which is more vital to you and as such you can channel more energy in the one you deem essential than the other.

Schedule Efficiently – You can’t downplay the importance of planning in any activities of life, the same goes for this also. Having a proper schedule helps you allocate your time judiciously both to improving yourself academically and making your relationship stronger. It is essential always to include the time to catch up with friends or meet up with your partner in the daily plan. This meet-up period may be after classes, during breaks or when school is over. Irrespective of what time it is, what’s more, important is that you include it in your daily schedule. This gesture helps you improve your relationship with your folks without affecting your academics.

Create Together Time – Set aside a particular day out of the seven days in the whole week for either your partner or your friends (depending on the relationship you’re trying to maintain). This gesture gives them a sense of being loved; it would mean much more to them than you can imagine. Creating time for someone out of your busy schedule is one of the highest displays of love. Make proper use of this period to catch up on what you’ve missed, ask about what’s going on with each other and ensure nothing in the line of books or academics ruins the day.

Help Each Other Grow – Whether as friends or lovers, another effective method to maintain your relationship without it having any detrimental effect on your academics is by helping each other grow. Read together in public places, help each other out with researches, urge each other on and be a source of strength and motivation to each other. All this would definitely go a long way in strengthening your bond, and it won’t take away from you academically, instead, it’d improve you. Your friend(s) or partner has got to be a very understanding and to love one for you to pull this through, he or she has got to be ever willing to accept you each time you come running for mental and emotional support, this reason is why making the right choice of partner or friends is paramount.

Know When To Quit – Understanding matters a lot in any relationship, if this is lacking, then you need to have a rethink about continuing the relationship. If your partner is too demanding of your attention and continuously exert pressure on you even when he or she clearly understands your situation, then you need to consider quitting. Knowing when to stop saves you from the unnecessary burden and future regrets. However, leaving should only come as a last resort when every one of the tips above has proven abortive to satisfy his or her demands.

Both relationship and academics are two essential things; this reason makes knowing how to maintain the balance between the two paramount. The points mentioned above would help a lot.

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