How To Make Money With WhatsApp – Complete Guide


The use of social media has largely dominated various aspects of the society; hardly would you see a brand belonging to any sector that doesn’t make use of any social media platform to promote their brands. The drastic change in the function and usage of social media from an entertainment and fun hub into money making medium can be adjudged to be the greatest thing to happen to this generation. The most interesting thing about this social media of a thing is that there are various types of it and one can choose to create his or her own niche in anyone of your choice.

Make Money With WhatsApp
Make Money With WhatsApp

The nature of what you do or your kind of business determines which social platform is more appropriate for you, it would be inappropriate for a musician or celebrity to promote his or her work only on her WhatsApp status because only those that have her contact saved can see it (limited views). However, that doesn’t rule out WhatsApp in the list of social platforms you can earn from, there are a lot of people smiling to the bank and their earnings comes majorly from their engagements on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is one of the most use social platforms and has a lot of features that help support marketing, promotion and advertisement. This social platform offers you the opportunity of making money either as a seller or a promoter. They are a lot of people making money by promoting and publicizing various brands online, all you need to do is increase your number of engagements and status viewer and also develop contents and strategy that can help you attract customers for your customers’ brand. Being a PR as it’s popularly called is one of the most popular means of earning on WhatsApp, and this comes with ease from your comfort zones.

Another avenue of earning with WhatsApp is by selling online. Different goods can be sold via WhatsApp, either shoe, bags, clothes, Glasses, data and so on. All you need is a proper publicity plan and an increased number of contacts. The status feature of WhatsApp makes it easy for you to reach your entire contact list with the display of your goods and services at once. Interested people place an order and you agree on price and delivery terms. While being a PR/influencer doesn’t require you to necessarily have goods you’re selling, you can’t be a seller without having anything to sell.

Another way by which you can make money with WhatsApp is by offering an online class (training). Training on various field or skills depending on your area of expertise can also fetch you income on WhatsApp from interested applicants. The group feature of this social platform makes it possible for you to tutor tons of people at once. Skills like Graphics designing, catering, mini importation, programming and so on can be successfully taught on WhatsApp and both the teaching and learning would be efficient enough. Online training may not be as popular as selling and promoting but it’s also a significant means of making money with WhatsApp.

Publicizing the services you render is another good means of making money on the WhatsApp social platform. Be it plumbing, electric work, gadget repair painting or any other services, the use of the various tools and features of WhatsApp can connect you with someone in need of your service. This social platform has an edge of others in the sense that it gives you a more cordial relationship and engagement with the people on your contact list.
The various means of making money with WhatsApp are those mentioned above, opportunities lies abound in various places, we just opened your eyes to one, don’t just waste time chatting, earn!!!

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