McGill University Acceptance Rate in 2020


McGill University Acceptance Rate in 2020

Student Life at McGill University

McGill University has a student population of about 27,601 undergraduate and 10,144 graduate students. This student population comprises 54.7% of Quebec, 25.4% of Canada, and 20.0% from outside of Canada (including the United States).

At McGill, all the faculties and department have their own student governing body. The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) and the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) have the largest faculty association.

There are, on the other hand, hundreds of clubs and student organizations at McGill University. You will find most of them around McGill’s student union building. Some student-run teams exist in the McConnell building such as the McGill Racing Team, McGill EV and McGill Baja.

At McGill, there eleven fraternities and five sororities which make up its Greek system. Then, more than 500 students or almost 2% of the student population are in sororities and fraternities at McGill University.

Presently, McGill University is home to 28 varsity teams. The institution is widely known for its strong Baseball, hockey, and lacrosse programs. McGill is also represented in U Sports by the McGill Team (men’s) and the McGill Martlets (women’s).

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