NASA DEVELOP Summer Program 2020 in USA


NASA DEVELOP Summer Program 2020 in USA

What will I Work on at DEVELOP as an Intern?

Basically, the DEVELOP experience focuses on both the conduct and communication of a feasibility project of applied Earth sciences. So as a participant, you are not just there for fun, there are duties and work to do.

Firstly, participants should expect to spend their time involved in the literature review on the scope, methodologies, and types of NASA remote-sensing data applicable to their project.

They will utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing data to carry out application projects. While doing this, teams will communicate with partner organizations that can benefit from the best methodologies, results and decision-making tools created by the team.

Considerable time is devoted to the creation of professional products, including a poster, a presentation, a technical report, and a video. Just as the program focuses on building capacity to communicate project results to various audiences.

Above all, Participants also engage in personal development activities, such as personality typing, teamwork exercises, as well as networking with their team, their advisors and partner organizations.

Provided below is a tentative list of proposed projects for DEVELOP’s Summer 2020 Term.

Who will I work with on these Projects?

Participants are placed in interdisciplinary teams that vary in size from three to six participants. The team works under the direction of a mentor and a scientific advisor from NASA or an associated organization, the management of DEVELOP on its site and the office of the national DEVELOP program.

Meetings are scheduled between teams and mentors as necessary, as well as with academics who support teams during the creation of their results.

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