OPEC/OFID Scholarships 2019-2020 for Developing Countries [$50,000]


OPEC/OFID Scholarships 2019-2020 for Developing Countries [$50,000]

About the OPEC/OFID Scholarship 2019

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) is the development finance institution established by the Member States of OPEC in 1976 as a channel of aid to the developing countries.

OFID works in cooperation with developing country partners and the international donor community to stimulate economic growth and alleviate poverty in all disadvantaged regions of the world.

It does this by providing financing to build essential infrastructure, strengthen social services delivery and promote productivity, competitiveness, and trade.

OFID’s work is people-centered, focusing on projects that meet basic needs – such as food, energy, clean water and sanitation, health care and education – with the aim of encouraging self-reliance and inspiring hope for the future.

Through its OPEC scholarship scheme, OFID aims to help highly motivated, highly driven individuals overcome one of the biggest challenges to their careers – the cost of graduate studies.

The winners of the OFID Scholarship Award will receive a scholarship of up to US$50,000.

The funds will be spread over a maximum of two years, toward the completion of a Master’s degree, or it’s equivalent, at an accredited educational institution, starting in the autumn of the academic year 2019.

Aside from this OFID scholarship 2019, there are other scholarships you can also apply for that is open to developing country students like commonwealth scholarships, Erasmus Mundus scholarship, Chevening scholarship, etc.

Don’t miss any of these Scholarship opportunities. You can open any of these opportunities on a new tab.

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