Photography As A Part-Time Job For Students


Equipping yourself with a skill or a part-time business can help you pay some bills has a student; this act is of paramount importance. Apart from the income it brings, it enables you to hone your skills in your field of choice and in no time puts you a shoulder to shoulder with those calling the shot in the area you chose to ply your trade. Being a working-class student comes with a great deal of commitment. However, the advantages it has exceeds your level of commitment, no matter how high it is.


Having established the importance of having a part-time job, this article is aimed towards looking into PHOTOGRAPHY as a side business for students. At the end of this article, you’d learn about the pros and cons involved in photography, how you can earn a living from it and also the ditches to avoid as a student photographer. It is worthy of mentioning that reading through this article is one thing, putting the knowledge acquired from it into use is another. With this being said, we look into the art of photography by students in the paragraph below.

Photography is a leading business in any tertiary institution, it is a very competitive niche, and one needs to be unique and maintain a high level of expertise to make an edge amidst the intense competition. Creating awareness for your brand is a very vital aspect when it comes to making an edge in this niche, as much as you want your work to speak for you, you also need to create awareness to make people take cognisance of it. There are numerous forms of photography; choosing an area of speciality contributes towards reducing the competition in this niche. Part of the various kind of photography includes Fashion photography, portrait photography, photojournalism, still-life photography and lots more.

Owning the required equipment is another essential factor of running a smooth and profitable photography business, you need to highlight the things you need and place them on a scale of preference. As a student, owning a studio isn’t necessary if you don’t have the means; there are beautiful areas with a scenic background within your school environment that can add beauty to your shots. Photography is very flexible, and it affords you the time to take care of academic needs once you can properly plan out yourself, this makes it a suitable and comfortable for students to practice.

Some of the ways to make money as a student photographer include:

EVENTS COVERING – A lot of activities are being organised in school, memorable scenes, dignitaries and moments in each of these events are always something to keep records of, it makes the need of photographer essential for functions. As a student photographer, you can cover events within and outside of your schools in pictures, and get paid for it. This act also allows you to meet and network with more prospective clients.

PHOTOSHOOT – Another way to make money as a student photographer is by taking personal shots of your clients. Either for birthday shower, matriculation photo-shoot, convocation photo-shoot, shoot for a contest or any other thing that may require your service. It serves as an avenue to show off your expertise; a satisfying job could bag you referrals for bigger gigs.

FRAMING – A photographer can also make a living by framing and selling his or her shots. This opportunity is more open to still-life or nature photographers. Taking pictures of nature and other still-life and framing it, is a feasible source of income once you can find your market for it.
From all that has been discussed, it is quite evident that the photography business is lucrative and highly profitable; it is flexible enough for you to combine with academics.

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