PROMOS Scholarship at Ranke-Heinemann Institute, Germany


PROMOS Scholarship at Ranke-Heinemann Institute, Germany

What is PROMOS Scholarship at Ranke-Heinemann Institute, Germany Worth?

Asides Ranke -Heineman Institute finding a suitable university for studying in Australia, New Zealand or Canada; they will support you with the application and advise you on the financing of your study.

Practically, the PROMOS scholarship may include either the payment of a monthly partial scholarship or a lump sum to cover travel expenses. However, depending on the decision of the committee, it may cover both.

Actually, it is important to note that this monthly partial scholarship may not be for the whole period of the stay abroad, it may cover just a part of it. For instance, if your stay abroad program lasts for a duration of four months, the partial scholarship may cover at least two months.

Consequently, you must understand that the PROMOS scholarship is not a fully-funded scholarship. Rather it subsidizes your stay abroad expenses during the duration of your program.

PROMOS scholarship reduces tuition fees for a semester abroad in Australia and New Zealand by 10%, ie between 700 and 1200 Australian and New Zealand dollars, depending on the study program.

Furthermore, even though there is no specific amount or scholarship worth in currency, aggregate shows that about 1182 euros were spent on each student who was beneficiary between 2012 and 2014.

Thus, the minimum spent on a student over time following the committee’s decision so far is about 175 Euros while the maximum is 3225 Euros.

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