How To Source For Fund To Buy Videography Instrument As A Student


We might have established how lucrative videography can be for a student, but a vital aspect that also demands attention before deciding to venture into this business is getting the equipment. Videography equipment is expensive, which makes getting the equipment for a student hard.


However, this article would enlighten you on various ways whereby you can source for funds to get this equipment. As lucrative as videography can be, the numerous list of the equipment makes people shy away from venturing into this business. But like every other business, the larger the risk and investment, the more enormous the profit you should expect.

Videography equipment includes a Video camera, tripod, camera light, lighting kit and many others. A single one of these equipment costs a lot of fortune, which makes it difficult if not impossible for a student to get it on his or her own. Every business requires a source of capital and the funds for acquiring this equipment is the capital needed for videography, but unlike most other businesses, videography’s required capital becomes an asset that can be turned back to cash if the needs ever arise.

Before looking into the ways of acquiring these funds, it is noteworthy to point out that your focus should be getting these types of equipment one after the other according to your purchasing power, and not trying to get all at once. Getting all at once would only make the financial burden weigh you down the more, and you might end up not achieving your planned goals.

Below are the various ways of sourcing for funds to buy videography instruments:

GIFTS FROM FRIENDS – The first point of getting money from any business is significant gifts from friends and family members. You can reach out to friends and relatives with a list of your needs, and each of them would contribute their quota according to their capability. This act would help you share the financial burden across everyone, and a particular individual won’t be weighed than by the total cost, rather than having one person bear the overall financial responsibility.

GRANTS – Similar to gifts, grants are another way of getting funds to acquire this equipment. However, unlike gifts, grants are something you compete for. Grants are funds from investors who buy into the idea you have to pitch. You can apply for various grants and peradventure you win; you might be on your way to acquire your instruments.

LOANS – Applying for loans is another possible way of sourcing for funds. However, the decision to apply for this loan must be carefully thought through; there have to be plans on how refunding and every other thing attached to it. Once these conditions can be met, you can apply for a loan to get the equipment. There are lots of student-friendly loans out there, do well to do proper researches about them.

SAVINGS – Savings is another way of getting money to acquire some of the instruments needed for videography. You can start by renting equipment to work and save from each income you make from working after settling the necessary bills. Another thing that’s slightly synonymous to this method is paying on instalment; it makes it easier for you to foot the bills.

Starting up a business requires self-discipline, determination and perseverance. You need to ensure that each fund you get is put to judicious use, spend it on the right thing, in the right way and at the right time. This act enables you to achieve your goals as quick as possible and kills of procrastination and the spirit of laxity ultimately.

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