Stanford Acceptance Rate SAT/ACT,GPA in 2020 World Scholarship Forum


Stanford Acceptance Rate SAT/ACT,GPA in 2020 World Scholarship Forum

Is There Any Financial Aid at Stanford?

One of the things I like about Stanford is that they give financial aid to students. Although the aid is for only full-time students. If you were planning a part-time program then this aid is not for you. Consequently, this may change as the management may decide to extend this hand of fellowship to the part-time students who need it.

Ordinarily, schools do not consider a student’s background before granting admission but we have a magical school that does. By this, I mean if they can give preference to some underprivileged nations, then, it is just wise to assume they can as well do this.

Furthermore, they also don’t give need aid to students from the USA and permanent residents. Only the international students receive it. Here is a very important reason to apply as a non-resident.

In 2015, the school waived tuition fees, room and board fees for families that have incomes less than $65,000. Families with income less than $125,000 are not expected to pay fees and those their own is $150,000 have it reduced. 17% of the students receive Pell Grants, a common measure of low-income students at a college. Now, 67% of the students receive financial grants that are up to $16,562.

Although Stanford is a private university, It enrolls 7,064 undergraduate students. The Admission rate is 5%. Many students major in Computer Science, Biology, and Engineering. The school graduates 94% of students. From our research, Stanford alumni usually earn a salary starting from $70,400.

Admission Requirements

What Really Matters When Applying

  • School GPA Recommended
  • High School Rank Neither required nor recommended
  • School Transcript Required
  • College Prep Courses Recommended
  • SAT/ACT Required
  • Recommendations Required

In a poll carried out on 27 students who applied to Stanford, 93% of students said the admissions process made them feel like the school cared about them as an applicant. 96% of students feel the admission process evaluated them individually as a real person, not just a set of numbers.

Graduate School

While most people think Stanford is for only undergraduates, it really isn’t. There is a very good graduate school that is listed among the best in the USA.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a good graduate school for your masters and Ph.D. programs, consider Stanford.

Interestingly, Stanford is a good bait for very busy people. You can choose to be a part-time student. Isn’t that interesting?

Over the years, there has been a record of 10,470 students that have attended the Graduate school. Part-time students are up to 1,345. Research assistants are 2,308 and Teaching assistants 1,114 in number.

Students from across the globe have attended. This goes on to show that they have kept to there school’s policy of accepting students only based on their abilities. They have had students in this percentage: International (Non-Citizen) 33.8%, White 33.3%, Asian13.7%, Unknown 7%, Hispanic 6.2%, Multiracial 3.9%, African American 2%, Native American 0.1%, Pacific Islander 0.1%.

A scholarship of up to $500 is also given to graduate students to help the low-income earners.

Stanford has 7 graduate schools namely:

  • School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences
  • Graduate School of Business
  • Stanford Graduate School of Education
  • Stanford Law School
  • School of Engineering
  • Department of Humanities and Sciences
  • Stanford University School of Medicine

The Graduate school of Business is the most popular having over 501 students.

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