Tips on how to study for finals


Tips on how to study for finals

How do I study for finals in a day?

Well, this is scientifically not advisable. However, a number of reasons may cause you to have just a day to prepare for your final exams. So, let’s say you were sick or got so busy with work as a student. Don’t worry, here are practical steps to save time and prepare for your finals in a day.

Majorly, what you will basically do is cram. While this is not academically healthy, if this is the last option for you, let’s get the trophy then.

#1: Make a list of important concepts and ideas

Practically, it’s 24 hours or less, you can’t study everything. So, list out all the important concepts, terms and ideas for the subject and topic. Get a paper and a study pen as your take a stroll through the course outline or syllabus. A sure way to identify important concepts and ideas is to:

  • check if the instructor has explicitly said it will be on the exam.
  • check if it comes up a lot in the textbook and/or lectures.
  • know how fundamental it is to understanding other topics in the course.
  • take note of highlighted, underlined, or bolded in a course syllabus or textbook.

#2: Read the summary segment for each topic.

Specifically, locate summaries of each section at either the beginning or the end of each chapter of your textbook. Read these summaries and study them very well.

You should also check out handouts provided for the class by professors. Most of them provide summary of important themes. So, focus on anything labelled  Introduction, Conclusion, or Summary. These sections will simplify information for you and make it easier to remember.

#3: Pen down Important facts

Scientist posit that information written down is hardly forgotten. So, you learn much better if you write information down. Simply, write down anything important fact you think you will need in the exam hall. It helps you commit to memory.

#4: Create a mental or physical picture

Yes, this is quite essential, because you have less than 24 hours to get into the exam hall. A mental picture, physical art creation that connects or summaries your coursework will help a whole lot.

So, try using a visual aid, like a chart, graph or mind map, to explicitly identify the connections between the course material. It’ll give you a much better understanding of the concepts as a whole.

#5: Take Practice test

Once, you are confident you have gone through all important keywords, concepts and ideas; take available practice test. Basically, taking a practice test will aid you know if you’re ready or not.

Although you can not always emulate the high-pressure test-taking environment outside of the classroom, practice exams are great tools for building stamina. Also, they help in testing your knowledge, and putting everything you learned together. So, go through your important jottings and try either an online practice test or answering all the questions provided by the author.

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