Top 7 Law Schools in North Carolina | 2020


Top 7 Law Schools in North Carolina | 2020

Duke University Law School

Tuition Fee: $58,000 per year

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina, and enrolls more than 15,000 students each year. Accredited by the American Bar Association, Duke University Law School offers comprehensive education through a combination of traditional courses, practical skills development, seminars, and clinics.

The Juris Doctor program at Duke University requires courses in ethics, legal writing, and professional development. The basic curriculum is known for its strengths by providing a solid foundation in areas of concentration that include corporate and business law, constitutional and public law, criminal law, and environmental law.

Duke Law School is an ambitious, innovative and forward-looking institution whose mission is to prepare students for a responsible and productive life in the legal profession.

As a community of academics, the Law School also provides national and international leadership in efforts to improve law and legal institutions through education, research and other forms of public service.

Duke Law School also awards Master of Laws and Doctor of Juridical Science degrees.

Duke University offers 4 Bachelor of Law programs. It is a large private university in a medium-sized city. In 2015, 210 students graduated in the Law study area with students who obtained 210 Doctorates.

Student to Teacher Ratio: 5:1

Acceptance Rate: 24%

Location: Duke University Law School, Science Drive, and Tower view Road, Durham 27708, telephone: (919) 613-7006

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