Tuition Fees, Scholarships, Courses, Rankings


Tuition Fees, Scholarships, Courses, Rankings

Brown University is the seventh-oldest college in the United States. The school is an independent, coeducational Ivy League institution comprising undergraduate and graduate programs, plus the Alpert Medical School, School of Public Health, School of Engineering, and the School of Professional Studies. We have outlined the various reasons to study in Brown University. Read the post for additional information.

It may surprise you, however, with its talented and motivated student body and accomplished faculty, Brown is a leading research university that maintains a particular commitment to exceptional undergraduate instruction.

Brown’s vibrant, diverse community consists of about 6,580 undergraduates, 2,255 graduate students, 545 medical school students, more than 6,000 summer, visiting, and online students, and more than 700 faculty members. Brown students come from all 50 states and more than 115 countries.

They have undergraduates pursue bachelor’s degrees in 81 concentrations, ranging from Egyptology to cognitive neuroscience. Anything’s possible at Brown—the university’s commitment to undergraduate freedom means students must take responsibility as architects of their courses of study.

Brown University has 51 doctoral programs and 32 master’s programs. The broad scope of options varies from interdisciplinary opportunities in molecular pharmacology and physiology to a master’s program in acting and directing through the Brown/Trinity Repertory Consortium.

Study in Brown University: Admission

Known internationally for excellence in academics and innovative research, Brown offers a wide range of undergraduate concentrations, master’s programs, and doctoral degrees.

The 6,000 undergraduates, 2,000 graduate students, 400 medical school students, and nearly 700 faculty members at Brown hail from every U.S. state and more than 100 foreign countries. Together, the members of the Brown community create a dynamic living and learning environment on a picturesque urban campus in historic Providence, Rhode Island.

The university’s financial aid resources and policies ensure that Brown is affordable for all admitted undergraduates.

Visit them to find out why Brown students are said to be among the happiest in America.


Below are the school’s courses and rankings.

Brown is frequently recognized for its global reach, many cultural events, numerous campus groups and activities, active community service programs, highly competitive athletics, and beautiful facilities located in a richly historic urban setting.

Brown University Scholarships

  • Gates Scholarship, 2020
  • DCMS Scholarships For MSc Information Security
  • Bénéteau Foundation Architecture’s Competition
  • ACI Foundation Scholarships
  • Fulbright – Fondazione Falcone – NIAF Scholarship
  • EMBL Fellowships, 2020
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Nokia Scholarship, 2020
  • Law Student Scholarship, 2020
  • Food Marketing Institute Undergraduate And Graduate Scholarship, 2020
  • ICFJ/WHO Safety Reporting Fellowships For Journalists
  • Dominica Houston Association Scholarship Fund For US Citizens
  • Teacher Education Assistance For College And Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
  • International Academy Scholars Program
  • SKA Africa Undergraduate And Honours Bursary Program, 2020

Click here for more scholarships.

Brown University Courses

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • Methods of Applied Mathematics I
  • Applied Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Intensive Summer Arabic
  • Introduction to Human Physiology
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Principles of Physiology
  • The World of Byzantium (Online)
  • Greek Mythology (Online)
  • The American Presidents and the Western Tradition (Online)
  • Children’s Thinking: The Nature of Cognitive Development (Online)
  • Animal Behavior Laboratory (Online)
  • Sleep and Chronobiology Research
  • Abnormal Psychology (Online)
  • An Introduction to Contemplative Studies
  • A Data-Centric Introduction to Programming
  • Cybersecurity Ethics
  • Principles of Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Love Stories
  • Critical Reading and Writing I: The Academic Essay
  • Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (Online)
  • Law and Literature (Online)
  • The Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing
  • Reading French in the Arts and Sciences
  • German for Reading (Online)
  • The American Civil War
  • Fiction I
  • Classic Short Stories
  • Calculus with Applications to Social Science
  • Linear Algebra
  • The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Experimental Neurobiology
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Doctors and Patients- Clinical Communication in Medicine
  • Basic Physics
  • Persuasive Communication
  • Studio Foundation
  • 3-D Foundation
  • Photography Foundation

Brown University Ranking

Brown University is ranked #14 in National Universities. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

  • #14 in National Universities
  • #3 in Best Undergraduate Teaching
  • #14 in Best Value Schools
  • #5 in High School Counselor Rankings
  • #40 in Engineering Programs (doctorate)

Brown University Acceptance Rate

The rate is 9.5% (2015–16)

Each year, they embrace the challenge of admitting an undergraduate class from among tens of thousands of outstanding candidates to build a well-rounded class that is both academically talented and diverse.

With a nearly 8 percent increase in applications and the largest pool of prospective students in Brown history, their decisions are more difficult than ever.

Applicants began logging on to a secure website at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28, to learn the status of their applications.

Admitted students have until May 1 to accept the University’s offer of admission. Brown anticipates an incoming class of approximately 1,665.

Brown University Tuition

Tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 academic year

FallSpringTotalTuition$27,160$27,160$54,320Fees$618$618$1,236Room$4,560$4,560$9,120Board$2,775$2,775$5,550Books$797.50$797.50$1,595Personal$1,035.50$1,035.50$2,071Total Cost$36,946$36,946$73,892Brown University Notable Alumni

  • John Krasinski
  • Julie Bowen
  • John D. Rockefeller Jr.
  • Fritz Pollard
  • Janet Yellen
  • John Sculley III
  • Lisa Loeb
  • John Heisman
  • Laura Linney
  • Walter Hoving
  • Andre Leon Talley
  • Meredith Whitney
  • Horace Mann
  • David Ebersman

Brown University Location

Brown University Address

It is located at Providence, RI 02912, USA

Brown University Majors

Discover the majors and programs offered by Brown University and the types of degrees awarded.



Drama and Theatre Production




Foundations of Education

Health Professions

Public Health


  • African Studies
  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Area and Ethnic Studies
  • Art History
  • Asian Studies
  • Cognitive Science
  • Communications
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics
  • English
  • European and Russian Studies
  • Hispanic American Studies
  • History
  • International Relations and National Security Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Latin and Ancient Greek Studies
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Linguistics, Interpretation, and Translation
  • Literature
  • Music History and Literature
  • North American Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science and Government
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Religious Studies
  • Research and Experimental Psychology
  • Romance Languages and Literature
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Spanish Language and Literature
  • Urban Studies and Affairs

Science, Technology, and Math

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics
  • Computer and Information Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Studies
  • Geology and Earth Science
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology
  • Physics

Brown University Campus

Life at Brown is busy—in a good way. Brown students are curious and engaged; active involvement outside the classroom is central to Brown’s culture.

A huge variety of student organizations, activities and events, athletics, exhibitions and performances, and educational opportunities keep campus lively. Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage their passions.

Dorm Life At Brown University

If you study at Brown University, sleep well, eat well isn’t left out. Brown’s close-knit community is reflected in its housing and dining systems. Students live in residence halls arranged on scenic, grassy quads and courtyards. Historic Providence neighborhoods offer apartments for graduate and medical students, and some upper-year students who live off-campus.

Brown’s two major dining halls — the Sharpe Refectory and the Verney-Woolley (affectionately, the Ratty and the V-Dub) — serve tasty options all day and are supplemented by snack carts and late-night eateries across campus.

Brown is committed to supporting all of its students. The division of Campus Life oversees many of the events, services, programs, and initiatives that make a Brown home: health and wellness, campus and community involvement, spiritual life, and a network of support.

Not to mention one of Brown’s most valuable assets: the City of Providence. Its many galleries, shops, and restaurants supply convenience, enrichment, and entertainment. Thayer Street, which runs through the center of campus, is always buzzing with activity.

It’s A Nice Place to Live and learn

You can meet friends for dinner at the Ratty before improving rehearsal and a night of studying at the Rock for macroeconomics exam. You can spend Sunday afternoon reading in the shade of a huge tree on Simmons Quad, or see a movie at Providence Place Mall.

Oh, what more? Play Frisbee on the College Green before heading to your neuroscience review session, and then enjoy a cappella beneath Wayland Arch. It’s all part of the Brown experience. You need to be in the story.


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