Types Of Friends To Keep As A Student


It is a normal culture both in the past, and presently for students to get along with each other either due to share believes common interests or goals. The terms “Squad”, “clique” or “team” are often used to describe particular groups of friends; the clique might be made up of same gender or mixed. It is of no doubt that you attract the same kind of person you portray to be, and the kind of person you are can sometimes be deduced from the kind of friends you keep.


These reasons make it an essential thing for you to ensure you properly scrutinize your choice of friends. Peer influence is one factor that can greatly affect one’s life both positively and negatively depending on the type of individuals you chose to relate with more often.

Friendship like every other relationship should be a mutual thing between you and your friend(s), once it seems to be one-sided, there’s a need to question that relationship. Each party must have some benefits they stand to gain from being in the relationship and concurrently, they must have something tangible to offer in return. One of the key things about choosing the right type of friend or friends as the case may be is the coincidence of wants, it always seems like a perfect chemistry when you meet someone who has the traits you seek for in abundance and vice versa.

This phenomenon helps strength the bond of friendship because you’ve got something to gain from each other. Another factor that makes friends get along easily is sharing common goals or interest; it fuels the spirit of friendship and makes you serve as a source of motivation for one another.

Having established the importance of choosing and keeping the right set of friends above, this article would further elaborate on the type of friends a student should keep in other to excel in all sphere of life. These sets of friends are those that can help you achieve growth both in your academics, spirituality, personal development and whatever your interest may be. Below are the types of friends a good student should keep:

THE BRILLIANT ONES – These sets of friends not only help you to improve academically and push you beyond your limits; they are also there for you when you need an advice on vital issues. They bring their intelligence into play when it comes to decision making and every moment spent with them is always productive.

THE BUSSINESS ORIENTED ONES – These sets of friends might not be what you want academically, but when it comes to the business world, they’re no push over. They are the ones that push you and advice you on how to turn your talents into money and make sure you’re independent of anybody’s funds even while in school. These sets of friends have great foresight and they reason beyond the four walls of school.

THE SPIRITUAL ONES – These types of friends are those that help you keep your morality and home-training in place. They are the ones that caution you when you’re threading the part of transgression and bring you closer to your God. It is essential to at least have one of these kind friends to avoid losing your way.

THE POSITIVE THINKERS (OPTIMISTS) – ‘’Impossibility’’ never made its way into the dictionary of these set of friends. They push you to do anything and give you that needed boost to make it a success. They’re those that urge you to take the biggest risk and stand by you irrespective of the outcome.

The bottom-line is that for you to actually identify with someone as a friend, he/she must fall in one or all of the categories above.

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