What Can You Do with a Journalism degree? Career & Salaries


What Can You Do with a Journalism degree? Career & Salaries

Technical Writer

At any time instructions must be written, especially for a technical product or service, these writers get to work. Technical writers prepare instruction manuals and how-to guides to explain the operation of a product or service works.

Requirement: A bachelor’s degree is standard for this position, but having experience in a technical field (such as computer science, engineering, or web design) is helpful.

Salary: $70,930 per year

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists create and maintain a favorable public image for the organizations they represent and also, gather media releases to help shape public perception and increase brand awareness.

Requirement: A bachelor’s degree in journalism is necessary, but most employers will want you to have completed an internship.

Notwithstanding, your journalism background makes you an excellent candidate for a public relations role, as they regularly interact with journalists to effectively communicate their organizations’ messages.

Salary: $59,300 per year

Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist works for a brand or organization and communicates with the public through social media platforms to build a positive reputation.

They tweet, share, like and post information about the organization on social media platforms. They also review data and analytics to see how they can improve their company’s social shareability.

Requirement: A bachelor’s degree is necessary, however, a solid knowledge of social media platforms and networking tools is a plus. Also, an internship can help make you more attractive to employers.

Salary: $42,097 per year

Sports Information Director

If you’re a sports junkie, how about getting paid to oversee a college athletics program’s ongoing communications needs? As a sports information director, you’ll help local, regional, and national sports journalists get the stories they need from your school’s coaches and athletes. You’ll also coordinate media coverage for various athletic events.

Requirement: A bachelor’s degree is normally required for this role. Although not required, having a background in collegiate athletics can help make you more attractive to employers.

Salary: $36,212 per year

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