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[20/HR CARE JOBS🤑] Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship – No Experience Required!

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As a Healthcare Assistant, you will play an integral role in providing essential care and support to individuals in need, enabling them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. This role not only allows you to make a positive impact on the lives of others but also provides the opportunity to grow and develop within our supportive and inclusive work environment.


Are you a compassionate individual seeking a rewarding career in healthcare? Look no further than Eternity Care, a leading provider of exceptional care services in the United Kingdom. We are thrilled to announce exciting Healthcare Assistant job opportunities, complete with visa sponsorship for foreign candidates.

This unique opportunity allows you to not only contribute to the well-being of individuals in need but also to embark on a fulfilling professional journey in the dynamic healthcare industry.

About Eternity Care

Eternity Care is a well-established and respected organization dedicated to delivering outstanding care and support services to individuals across the UK.

With a strong commitment to compassion, dignity, and respect, we strive to enhance the quality of life for our clients, enabling them to live independently and with purpose.


Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals works tirelessly to create a nurturing and inclusive environment, where every individual’s unique needs are met with personalized care plans and a deep understanding of their emotional and physical requirements.

The Role of a Healthcare Assistant

As a Healthcare Assistant at Eternity Care, you will play a vital role in providing essential care and support to our clients. Your responsibilities will encompass a wide range of tasks, including:

  1. Daily Living Assistance: Assist clients with their daily activities, such as personal care, grooming, dressing, and meal preparation, ensuring their comfort and dignity are maintained at all times.
  2. Medication Administration: Accurately administer prescribed medications, following strict protocols and guidelines, and ensuring clients understand their medication regimen.
  3. Mobility Support: Provide assistance with mobility aids, transferring clients, and promoting safe movement to prevent falls and injuries.
  4. Emotional Support: Foster a compassionate and respectful environment, offering emotional support, companionship, and a listening ear to clients, helping them feel valued and understood.
  5. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: Work closely with healthcare professionals, such as nurses and therapists, to execute personalized care plans tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  6. Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and detailed records of client interactions, care provided, and observations, ensuring effective communication with the healthcare team.
  7. Monitoring and Reporting: Observe and promptly report any changes in clients’ physical or emotional conditions to the appropriate healthcare professionals, ensuring timely interventions and adjustments to care plans.
  8. Environmental Safety: Ensure a safe, hygienic, and comfortable environment for clients at all times, adhering to infection control protocols and safety guidelines.

Qualifications and Requirements

While no specific formal qualifications are mandatory, we highly value candidates with prior experience in a care-related role or those who possess relevant training in health and social care, first aid, or related fields.

Additionally, successful Healthcare Assistants at Eternity Care should possess the following attributes:

  1. Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, are essential to effectively interact with clients, their families, and healthcare professionals.
  2. Empathy and Compassion: A genuine commitment to enhancing clients’ well-being, coupled with patience, empathy, and a compassionate nature, is crucial in providing exceptional care.
  3. Attention to Detail: Strong observational skills and attention to detail are necessary to monitor clients’ conditions, recognize changes, and accurately document care provided.
  4. Physical Stamina: The ability to perform physically demanding tasks, such as assisting with mobility, lifting, and transferring clients, is required to ensure their safety and comfort.
  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: A collaborative spirit and the ability to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary healthcare team are essential for delivering coordinated and comprehensive care.

Training and Professional Development

At Eternity Care, we are committed to investing in the growth and development of our employees. As a Healthcare Assistant, you will have access to a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your role.

This includes:

  1. Induction Training: Upon joining our team, you will receive thorough induction training, covering topics such as company policies, procedures, and best practices in healthcare delivery.
  2. On-the-Job Training: Experienced healthcare professionals will provide hands-on training, allowing you to develop practical skills and gain invaluable experience in various care settings.
  3. Continuing Education: We encourage and support our employees’ professional development through ongoing training opportunities, workshops, and certifications, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in healthcare.
  4. Mentorship and Coaching: Our experienced staff members will serve as mentors and coaches, providing guidance, support, and feedback to help you grow and develop your skills.

Visa Sponsorship for Foreign Candidates

Eternity Care recognizes the value of a diverse workforce and is committed to attracting talented individuals from around the world. To facilitate this, we offer visa sponsorship opportunities for eligible foreign candidates interested in joining our team as Healthcare Assistants.

Our dedicated human resources team will guide you through the visa sponsorship process, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and providing the necessary documentation and support. This opportunity allows you to work legally in the UK, contributing to our mission of delivering exceptional care while gaining invaluable experience in the healthcare industry.

Benefits of Working at Eternity Care

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Joining Eternity Care as a Healthcare Assistant comes with a range of attractive benefits, including:

  1. Competitive Salary Package: We offer a competitive salary package, commensurate with your experience and qualifications, ensuring fair compensation for your dedication and hard work.
  2. Additional Benefits: In addition to your base salary, you will have access to a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings plans.
  3. Flexible Work Schedules: We understand the importance of work-life balance and strive to provide flexible work schedules that cater to the diverse needs of our employees.
  4. Supportive Work Environment: At Eternity Care, we foster a supportive and inclusive work environment that values teamwork, collaboration, and respect for all individuals.
  5. Career Advancement Opportunities: We believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for professional growth and advancement within our organization, allowing you to explore various career paths in healthcare.

Life in the UK

By joining Eternity Care, you will have the opportunity to experience life in the vibrant and culturally rich United Kingdom. From the bustling cities to the picturesque countryside, the UK offers a diverse range of experiences and attractions for both residents and visitors alike.

As a Healthcare Assistant, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the local communities, learn about different cultures, and contribute to the well-being of individuals from various backgrounds.

How to Apply

If you are a compassionate individual with a genuine passion for healthcare and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others, we encourage you to apply for the Healthcare Assistant position at Eternity Care. To submit your application, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit our official website.
  2. Locate the job listing for Healthcare Assistant positions with visa sponsorship.
  3. Complete the online application form, providing accurate and up-to-date information about your qualifications, work experience, and contact details.
  4. Attach your current resume or curriculum vitae, highlighting your relevant skills and experience in the healthcare field or care-related roles.
  5. If you are a foreign candidate requiring visa sponsorship, please indicate this clearly during the application process.
  6. Submit any additional supporting documents or references as requested.

Our dedicated recruitment team will carefully review all applications and contact qualified candidates for further steps in the hiring process, which may include interviews and pre-employment assessments.


At Eternity Care, we are committed to providing exceptional care and support to individuals in need, while fostering a rewarding and fulfilling work environment for our employees. If you share our passion for making a positive difference in the lives of others and are seeking a dynamic career opportunity in healthcare, we invite you to apply for the Healthcare Assistant role with visa sponsorship.

Join our dedicated team and become part of a mission that truly matters – enhancing the well-being and quality of life for those we serve.

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  1. Hi, I’m Akor Wisdom from Nigeria I would love to work with your if you can give me the chance. I promise to make a positive impact in the team

  2. Saad yousif Gebreil Ahmodou.

    Good evening sir Just I got your notice in your website that you need health care ***istant and Ido not have previous experience about health care ***istant but I can do it after you give me full training then after is easy for me work but I have good command of English language and good communication skills with others so my Education Qualification is high secondary school certificate holder scientific stream equals diploma Issued in Sudan Khartoum capital city in June 1986 and now I am living in Qatar so I worked 10 years in doha Qatar PRO public relations officer in so many companies so I was Interested to work in the health sector like big hospitals or medical centre in the UK in different areas Iwill Iwill work if in London or any other city or county around the UK . also Iam using computer filling system and PRO job system. Now Iam staying in Qatar so I need your help to send me work visa and you have receive me in the airport and give accommodation then Iwill start work with you in your hospital or medical centre and after finishing the process here Iwill pay for my ticket to UK from my money . just you help me sir. My mobile no is +***66***084 doha Qatar. And down in your comment form space Iwill write my full name and my email address then you can contact me or email me I am ready to relocate to the UK and work there It is my dream since I was studen in the high school in my country that time .I am very soory for this long comment because I need work .thanks sir. I tried more times to apply throw your website but Got it under maintenance that why I made this comment .

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