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These Jobs In Canada🇨🇦 Are Available With Work VISA for Foreign Job Seekers – APPLY

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You may easily find a job in your country for your profession but what if i tell you that you can receive double or even quadruple amount of salary with added allowances, and much better life standard then i think you will start asking me where on earth is that even possible!

So for that reason, i researched and created this article for you that is going to provide you essential information about finding a super high paying job in Canada where you will also receive salary allowances, residence facility, and much better living, education, and healthcare facilities.


In this article i highlighted 4 major industries/areas in Canada which are massively capturing international skilled, qualified, and experienced workers with sponsorship of Canadian work visa via various immigration programs such as express entry, Atlantic immigration, and various other provincial immigration programs.

1- Construction Industry Jobs of Canada
As you know construction workers are highly demanded everywhere these days as population increase is being witnessed causing increased demand for residential/commercial projects but for that construction companies are facing shortages of labor, civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, and construction managers in all provinces across Canada and if you ask me where you can search for construction industry jobs in Canada then i will suggest you to start your job search in these Canadian companies:

  1. Turner Construction Company
  2. Euro Canadian Construction Corp
  3. Graham Construction & Engineering Inc
  4. Ryan Murphy Construction Inc.
  5. MGI Construction Corp

2- Banking Jobs in Canada
I was very shocked to read this news of financialpost and CBC that Canadian banks are in deep waters now because they are unable to find enough skilled/qualified staff for hiring and this instantly got me thinking that this situation is going to be a big opportunity for my international job seeking audience to find banking related jobs in Canada therefore these are those six big banks in Canada which are now hiring staff on urgent basis:

  1. Royal Bank
  2. The Bank of Montreal
  3. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  4. The Bank of Nova Scotia
  5. Toronto- Dominion Bank
  6. National Bank of Canada

There are many designations required for international applicants to work at Canadian Banks such as

  • Customer Care Advisor
  • AI and Block chain specialists
  • Personal Bankers
  • KYC Managers
  • Banking managers
  • Junior Designers
  • Investment & Personal Banking Specialist

Canadian Banks actually offer thick salaries to their employers and almost every occupation in banking sector of Canada has its annual salary of anything above $50k with allowances, and incentives for example:

  • Salary of a Human Resources Assistant is about $55,543 to $60,130 per year.
  • Finance Agent takes $3,723 to $4,559 per month

3- Government of Canada Jobs
Now this is very attractive section of this article because i think most of you would actually get captured by Canadian government in various of their departments if you got qualifications in those professions which are rare to find in Canada and you will be glad to know that Canadian government actually have a dedicated jobs board page from where you can explore their thousands of job openings anytime and apply online, with that you can also look for jobs in any of these following Canadian departments:

  1. Transport Sector
  2. Health Care
  3. Canadian Banking
  4. Canadian Police
  5. Canadian Fire Fighters

Now if you are interested to submit your CV/resume for a government of Canada job then you need to go to official Canadian government website and search for the job and fill online application and submit it to the Canadian government for consideration

4- Canadian Aviation Sector Jobs
Canadian aerospace industry is also suffering from skilled staff shortages after pandemic since when air travel resumed and this is why minister of Canadian public services Helena Jaczek on behalf of Canadian employment minister announced funding of over $39 million for SWSP program for Canadian aviation & aerospace industry revival and training workforce (Ref

Therefore i see a big opportunity for all of you who have degrees, work experience or skills in professions related to aviation sector because you can easily find a high paying job in Canada with work visa sponsorship and if you ask me where to look for these jobs then here are some of the top Canadian aviation sector companies:

  1. Adlair Aviation
  2. Adler Aviation
  3. Air Canad
  4. Air Inuit
  5. Air Spray

Canadian Aviation offers many jobs at different occupations such as:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Screening officers
  • Crew Scheduler
  • Aircraft Tow Operator
  • Traveler support Agent

Canadian Aviation gives handsome salaries to workers.

  • The salary of a Screening Officer is $18.93 to $21.52 per hour.
  • The average salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is $60,450 per year.
  • The National Average salary of a Crew Scheduler is $44,275 per year.
  • The salary of a Flight Attendant in Canada is $45,533 per year.

In conclusion, Canada beckons with its promising job opportunities and enviable quality of life. The prospects of securing a high-paying job, career growth, and a fulfilling lifestyle await those ready to embark on this journey. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your life and career in the welcoming and diverse landscape of Canada.

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