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Most In-Demand Jobs In Ontario, Canada 2024 – Get Jobs HERE NOW!

Jobs In Ontario
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If you wish to work in Canada and live a comfortable life, then one place you should be looking to get a job is the province of Ontario. Ontario is one of the most popular provinces in Canada with lots of beautiful places and great job opportunities for both students and foreign workers who wish to settle here.


So let’s take a look at some of the top job trends in Ontario for 2024. There are over 4 million residents living in Ontario which makes it the second-largest province in Canada and home to more than 12% of the Canadian population. A recent report has shown that the employment rate has been steadily growing since 2017, but now there is a significant drop due to recent budget cuts by the Ford government.

But we don’t want to discuss that as we’re more interested in discussing what jobs are most in-demand this year. So here’s the list. So without further ado, here are the top 3 jobs that will help you live a better life and also have an impact on the community:

What are the most in-demand jobs in Ontario this year?

Engineering Technicians

We have seen this particular job grow exponentially over the past few years, so it is certainly no surprise that this particular job is now considered one of the most in-demand jobs in Ontario this year.

Engineers can use their skill set to solve any engineering problem or improve existing systems and create more efficient ways of using materials and technology. They will often work closely with architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers, project managers, and construction.


You can easily apply for these jobs online by going to Jobvite, or just searching for websites online for available openings.


Do you want to become a tutor? It’s not as easy as it seems as there are tons of different criteria you need to consider before making a decision to take this career path. In order to get hired as a tutor, you will need to know your stuff and how to explain complex concepts to children or even adults.

Many tutors teach courses such as English, science, maths, history, languages, geography, and accounting, among others. All you need to do is research different options online and contact schools or universities for open opportunities.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to teach, there are plenty of websites where you can advertise your services and let students contact you directly.


We all love handcrafted items and no matter how large our pockets get, we still always end up purchasing something handmade from local artisans. This could be anything from homemade chocolate to jewelry or maybe an unusual print made out of fabric.

With artisans becoming increasingly rare in today’s society, many businesses have started opening their doors to hiring individuals who specialize in this kind of work. For instance, Etsy has recently announced its intention to start an employment program that would allow the general public to apply for full-time positions at artisanal studios in the USA.

Alternatively, some communities have already created dedicated programs that provide crafty people with freelance jobs in local areas. Additionally, other platforms like Dwell & Co have launched their own unique workspaces where individuals can offer services for an hourly fee or through fixed rates.

Transport Truck Drivers

There was more than 7,500 help wanted ads for drivers in Canada on, a huge labor shortage. Job pegs the prospects of finding employment in this occupational category as “good”, its highest rating.

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The median annual wage for a trucker in Canada is $42,900 based on 37.5-hour weeks – but many truckers work much longer hours and earn more than that.

Residential And Commercial Installers And Servicers

On the job website, for example, there were 327 jobs for siding installers alone in Ontario in mid-November. There were another 212 jobs for door installers on the same website.

These are the workers who install products and systems around the house or business. That can include windows, doors, electrical appliances, water heaters, fences, play structures, and septic and irrigation systems at residential, commercial, or institutional properties.

In Ontario, the average annual salary for these workers is $40,950 but they can be paid as much as $73,125 annually for putting in regular work weeks.

Nurse Aides, Orderlies, And Patient Service Associates

As of last two months ago, there were 126 positions for nurse aides in Ontario alone and 885 across the country. In Ontario, these positions come with an average annual salary of $40,300 based on a 37.5-hour work week but that pay can go up to $60,450 depending on experience and the location of the job.

These are the people who assist nurses, hospital staff, and physicians in the basic care of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care facilities for the elderly, and other healthcare establishments.

Home Support Workers And Related Occupations, Excluding Housekeepers
As the people who provide personal care and companionship for seniors, persons with disabilities, and convalescent clients, home support workers usually provide care in the client’s home and often live there too. They can also be employed by home care and support agencies or be self-employed.


In Canada, there were 1,093 such jobs posted on Job Bank in mid-November with roughly a third of these, 393, in Ontario. The position pays an average annual salary of about $35,100 in Ontario with more experienced workers topping out at about $57,600.

Restaurant and food services managers

Compared to other managerial positions, restaurant and food services managers have the lowest median wage at $19.23 CAD per hour.

Database analysts, software engineers and designers, computer programmers, and interactive media developers
These technology sector roles pay between $40 CAD and $46 CAD per hour in Ontario. While many such positions require an engineering degree, some roles may also be open to applicants with a degree in computer science.

If you are looking for the best cities with the most job opportunities in Canada, then you have come to the right post. This article describes some of the top cities in Canada that provide the most jobs for both immigrants and citizens.

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