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Relocate To UK: Get a UK Skilled Worker Visa HERE Now | All-You-Need-To-Know

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More than 2 million immigrants are coming to the UK each year as a worker in the UK on various work visa categories. For people who don’t know there are plenty of Visa categories in the UK to migrate and settle in the UK like skilled Visa, Global Talent Visa, the scale of Visa, high potential individual visa, and many more.

One of the common questions people often as is which Visa category is the best to migrate and settle in the UK. So in this article, I’ll tell you the best Visa category. Well, it’s called a skilled worker visa which is based on a points-based system where you need to collect 70 points. The reason why it’s my favorite, number one is the number of skilled visas issued last year was 267,670.


This is nearly double the amount issued in 2019 and the home office reports that Indian Nationals were the highest nationality granted this skilled Work or VISA. Number two it’s hassle-free with no limitation because once you get a job offer and certificate of sponsorship which COS, you can apply for your own Visa.

Number three you can bring your dependents and they can work full-time without any restriction. Number four, you are eligible for permanent residency PR in five years for yourself and your family.

Number five, you can access certain public services such as Healthcare and education however you Have to pay for a healthcare surcharge during your visa application which costs roughly 650 pounds per year. Number six is Visa cost, your Visa can be free if you happen to find a job with a big company.

So if you want to know more details regarding the skilled Visa make sure to stick with me till the end of this article.


So my today’s agenda is to cover everything about skilled Visas like what are the eligibility criteria to apply for a skilled Visa, the documents needed to apply for a skilled Visa, how long can you stay on this Visa, how to apply for your Visa online, can you apply for a dependent Visa together with the main applicant, how long Visa processing takes, how much does the Visa processing cost and what you cannot do on a skilled Visa.

The eligibility criteria to apply for a skilled worker visa

First, you need a job offer from a licensed sponsor who is approved by the UK home office. Currently, more than 70 000 companies got licenses to give your Visa. You can download the full list from the UK Government website. Second, you must have a certificate of sponsorship from your employer with information about the role you have been offered in the UK. Third, do a job that’s on the list of eligible Occupations. Again you can have a look at the full list from the UK home office where you can find almost all the kinds of jobs listed here.

Fourth minimum salary requirements; the minimum salary for the type of work you will be doing is whichever is the highest out of the following three options: 1. number one twenty-five thousand six hundred pounds per annum or 10.10 pounds per hour or the going rate for the type of work you will be doing. So let’s understand this, For example, Sameer from Pakistan applied for a job directly from Pakistan at the University of Reading as a service desk analyst he got selected and also he cleared the interview which was hosted online through Microsoft Teams and within two days he got a job offer from University of reading with a salary of 26 000 pounds.

The going rate defined by the government is 24 000 pounds for this job and hence he is eligible for a skilled Visa where is say Raj got a job As a supply chain analyst and is being offered 25 000 pounds but the annual going rate defined by the government is 30 000 pounds so Raj will not qualify for skilled Visa because between 25 and 30 of course 30 is the highest number and hence his Visa will be rejected due to less salary being offered by his employer.

If you don’t know how to check this on ucos you must have your phone four digit occupation code, also you can search yourself via the ons tool after That go to this page and just search with your job code where you can see the annual going rate for your job code.

Also, knowledge of English; you will need to prove your knowledge of English which you can do in three ways – number one you can give English language tests like IELTS or British Council exam – number two if you have studied in the UK you can get directly 10 points here without giving any exam and – number three if you have not studied in the UK but Your major was in English you can add an academic qualification level statement which you can obtain from ecctis website by applying for this certificate by submitting your degree and Moi which is medium of instruction.

The list of documents needed to apply for a Skilled Visa

So the list of documents provided by the employer – number one job offer letter of course – Number two your certificate of sponsorship reference number – number three your job title and annual salary – number four your jobs occupation code – number five the name of your employer and their sponsor license number.

Other documents which you need to arrange are of course proof of your knowledge of English – number two valid passport also other documents which you might need are proof of Maintenance funds like your bank statements or a fixed Deposit for say 1270 pounds you will need to keep this money minimum 28 days in a row.

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However, you don’t need this if you’re already been in the UK for last 12 months or your employer will cover your first month’s cost of 1270 pounds and the last one your marriage certificate if you are applying for a dependent visa and a criminal record certificate if you’re working in certain jobs.

Also for a few countries, tuberculosis test certificates if your country is listed.

How long can you stay on this Visa?

You can stay a maximum of Five Years on a skilled Visa and the duration will be mentioned on your cos. However, you can change your employer as many times as you want during these five years as long as you get a new cos. You can apply for ilr which is indefinite leave to remain after you have spent five years on this Visa with no Gap more than 180 days outside the country with few exceptions like medical or others now.

How to apply for your visa?

To apply for a skilled worker visa you will need to submit an online application together with your supporting documentation and pay the relevant fee. You’ll also need to provide your biometric information at the Visa processing center local to you either overseas or in the UK.

So, depending on your situation you can use any of the links like where you are applying from outside the UK or inside the UK or your switching Visa within the UK so for all the scenarios you need to apply online.

Can dependents apply together with the main applicant?

so the answer is yes, you can include your partner honor and children in your application to stay in the UK If you’re eligible as part of a dependent Visa but you need to fill out a separate application form but your partner and children must have a certain amount of money available to support themselves while they are in the UK. For example, you’ll Need 25 pounds for your partner 315 for one child, and 200 for each additional child.

You don’t need to pay this amount but just show it in your bank statement.

How long Visa processing takes?


Once you have applied online you’ll usually get a decision on your Visa within three weeks if you’re outside the UK and eight weeks if you are inside the UK. You can apply for a Visa up to three months before the day you are due to start in the UK.

How much does The Visa processing cost?

When you apply for a skilled worker visa you will need to have enough money to pay the application fee the standard fee ranges from 625 pounds to 1420 depending on your circumstances. You will pay a lower application fee if your job is on the shortage occupation list and you will be told how much you need to pay when you apply online.

You need to pay the healthcare surcharge which is usually 624 pounds per year however Surcharge is free for a few categories like doctors nurses or any Healthcare staff. Remember As I said if you got a job with a big company they generally pay for your Visa but for medium and small size firms you need to pay the application fee and the health care chart now agenda.

What you cannot do on a skilled Visa?

So number one you cannot apply for most benefits Like the public funds or the state pension and you cannot change jobs unless you get a new employer with a new job offer and COS.

In conclusion, the Skilled Worker Visa is a favored choice for foreign workers seeking employment and settlement in the UK. Its straightforward application process, potential for permanent residency, and opportunities for dependents make it an appealing option for skilled professionals from around the globe. As you embark on your journey to the UK, understanding the intricacies of this visa category can set you on a path to a fulfilling and prosperous future in this vibrant nation.

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