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Warehouse Picker/Packer Jobs in UK with Work Permit & Visa Sponsorship | Instant Hiring

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Are you looking for an opportunity to be a vital part of the logistics and supply chain industry in the United Kingdom? Do you thrive in fast-paced environments and have a keen eye for detail? Look no further! Recruitment Solutions is excited to offer Warehouse Picker/Packer positions in CrossKeys, UK, complete with work permit and visa sponsorship. If you’re ready to contribute to efficient operations and ensure products reach customers with precision, this role is perfect for you.

Job Details:

  • Categories: Warehouse Worker 
  • Position: Warehouse Picker/Packer Jobs in UK with Work Permit and Visa Sponsorship
  • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
  • Location: United Kingdom



About the Role

As a Warehouse Picker/Packer, you will play a crucial role in the distribution process by accurately selecting and packing products for shipment. Your attention to detail, efficiency, and dedication will ensure the smooth flow of goods through the warehouse.


Key Responsibilities

  • Picking: Accurately pick products from designated storage areas based on orders and inventory lists.
  • Packing: Pack selected products securely and efficiently, ensuring they are ready for shipment.
  • Quality Control: Inspect products for damage or defects and ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of inventory levels and assist in maintaining an organized warehouse.
  • Team Collaboration: Work closely with other warehouse staff to coordinate operations and meet targets.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Attention to Detail: Pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate picking and packing.
  • Physical Fitness: Be physically fit and capable of lifting, bending, and standing for extended periods.
  • Efficiency: Work efficiently to meet order deadlines and contribute to overall warehouse productivity.
  • Team Player: Collaborate effectively with colleagues to achieve common goals.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Position: Warehouse Picker/Packer
  • Hourly Salary: £10.00 to £20.00
  • Location: CrossKeys, United Kingdom

How to Apply

If you’re ready to embrace a career that offers meaningful work in the logistics industry and are eager to join a team that values your expertise, consider exploring the Warehouse Picker/Packer job opportunities at Recruitment Solutions. To take the first step towards an exciting journey, apply and learn more about this opportunity by visiting HERE. Your future in the logistics and supply chain field starts here.

If you’re seeking an opportunity to make your mark in the dynamic logistics and supply chain sector in the United Kingdom, the Warehouse Picker/Packer position with work permit and visa sponsorship provided by Recruitment Solutions is your pathway to an exciting career. This role offers you the chance to be an essential part of a fast-paced environment and contribute to the efficient movement of goods from warehouse to customer.

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