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Work Permit in Norway with Free Accommodation

Work Permit in Norway
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One of the categories of Norway’s long-stay visas is the work visa (also known as national or D-visa). It permits the holder to work in Norway for the period of the visa. The application process for a Work Permit in Norway visa is influenced by your nationality, among other factors. As with other types of visas, there are distinct rules for EU/EFTA nationals and non-EU/EFTA people.


Types of Norway Work Visa

There are several sorts of work visas for Norway, based on the type of work you want to do:

Norway Seasonal Work Visa:

If you will work part-time, in a position that can only be done at certain times of the year, or as a substitute for a permanent employee. Before applying, you must acquire an employment offer and confirmation from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).

Norway Job-Seeker Visa:

This visa is intended for skilled professionals who have completed their education in Norway and wish to remain in the country while looking for work.

Vocational Training and Research Visa:

This visa is granted to students who will be undergoing training as part of their higher education studies or to self-funded researchers who are not employed by a Norwegian firm.

Norway Working Holiday Visa:


This type of visa is granted to young persons (under the age of 31) from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand, allowing them to work and live in Norway for up to a year.

Work Visa for Artists:

This is a temporary visa for artists, performers, or musicians who will be performing or performing in Norway. The maximum permitted stay is 14 days.

Norway Work Visa Requirements

The documents you need to hand in when you apply for a Norway Work Visa are:

  • Your passport. Also, send in copies of all the used pages on your passport.
  • The Norway Work Visa Application Form. You will receive this in PDF format after you complete the online application on the UDI website. Print it out and attach it to the rest of the documents.
  • Two passport-size photographs. They must be recently taken and with a white background.
  • Proof you have accommodation in Norway. For example, a written rental contract. If you have not made accommodation arrangements yet, write a letter explaining where you plan to live and how you will find housing.
  • The Offer of Employment Form. Your employer must fill this out. The form is available on the UDI website.
  • Proof that your salary meets the income requirements. g. your employment contract, stating the salary you will receive.
  • Proof of your academic qualifications. For example, your university or vocational training diploma.
  • Proof of previous employment experience. Documents from your previous employers, which detail the type of work you did, how long you were employed, and your qualifications.
  • Your resume/CV.
  • If you live somewhere other than your home country: Proof you are there legally and have held a residence permit for the past six months.
  • If you submit your application in Norway: Proof you live in Norway legally.
  • If your employer will apply on your behalf: The Power of Attorney Form, downloadable from the UDI website.
  • Any additional documents, as required by your specific situation, such as an explanation regarding If you will work for more than one employer
  • If you do not have a continuous employment contract
  • The checklist of documents you need is downloadable from the UDI.

Document Guidelines:

If your company submits your application on your behalf, the documentation must be both original and copies. If the documents are not in English or Norwegian, they must be translated by a qualified translator. The Embassy may require further paperwork based on your specific situation.

Eligibility Criteria for a Norway Work Visa

As a non-EU/EFTA citizen, you are eligible to apply for a Norway work visa if you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a skilled and qualified worker (manager, specialist) and you have a university degree, several years of work experience, and specific expertise.
  • You already have a job waiting for you.
  • no EU/EFTA citizen could take the job instead.
  • The annual quotas for Norway work visas allow it.

If you meet those requirements, and your employer is applying for your residence permit, then you can apply for your Norway work visa.

How to Apply for a Norway Work Visa

The following stages are involved in acquiring a Norway work visa:

  • Finding work in Norway.
  • Putting together the Norway work visa document file
  • Your employer applies for your Norwegian residency permit.
  • You apply for a work visa to Norway in your home country.

Finding a Job in Norway

Finding work in Norway may appear to be a difficult and frightening task. There are, however, ways to accomplish this. Perhaps someone has already approached you with an offer, and you do not need to actively seek employment.

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If you don’t already have an employer in Norway, one of the simplest methods to discover a job that fits you is through a recruitment agency. International recruiting companies can assist foreign nationals in finding employment in Norway that matches their talents and expertise. They are familiar with the local job market and can assist you with your job application, CV, interview, and recommendations on how to land the job.

They are also frequently told about work and residency permits, as well as any other processes associated with hiring foreign personnel. You might also contact a Norwegian recruiting firm or hunt for jobs online through job listings. You can look for work in any method that suits you best, but the basic line is that you must have a job before applying for a Work Permit in Norway visa.

Processing Time for a Work Permit in Norway Visa

After you submit your Work Visa application, it may take up to 8 weeks for it to be processed. If you are already in Norway at this time, you are not permitted to begin working until your visa has been accepted.

Norway Work Visa Fee

A Norway Work Visa costs NOK 6,300. (USD 690). This is also the price for renewing your Work Visa. When you finish the online application on the UDI website, you must pay the cost with a debit/credit card. Remember that there is an additional service cost if you apply through a Visa Application Center rather than an Embassy.

Duration of Work Permit in Norway

A Norway Work Visa (also known as a Work Permit) is valid for two years. You can seek to renew it for another two years before it expires. Then, after three years of continuous residency in Norway, you can apply for an indefinite Permanent Residence Permit.

How to Renew a Norway Work Visa

To renew your Norwegian Work Visa, you must submit an online application to the Immigration Directorate (UDI). Then you schedule an appointment with the Norwegian police and turn in your paperwork. An application fee is also required. Remember that you must submit the documentation at least one month before your visa expires, and the appointment normally has a wait time. As a result, begin the application process at least three months in advance.

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