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25 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree | 2024

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree
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You don’t need a college degree to land a low-stress job. And working a very demanding job doesn’t have to be for you if you can’t shoulder it. There are many in-demand low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree in this article.


If you want a job that gives you more time for family, friends, and other life activities, a degree won’t be a limit to your success. All you need is to gain the right skills and an open mind. This will set you on a good financial path.

So here are 25 low-stress jobs that pay well without a college degree in 2024 and how you can get them. But first, what are low-stress jobs?

What Skills Do You Need to Land a Low-Stress Job?

  • Good Communication Skills: Whatever level of low-stress job you want to work, you will need good communication skills. This helps to boost your interpersonal relationships with your coworkers and managers. This will also help you to learn how to communicate and understand instructions. Aside from mastering basic writing and reading skills, you also need to brace up with machine-mediated communication. For instance, your job might require you to know how to use social media tools, video conferencing apps, and emailing software.
  • Teamwork: Next to communication skills is teamwork. You can’t work in isolation even in a low-stress job. This could be physical or virtual. So brace yourself up to contribute and exchange ideas. Remember, you’ll work with people from different backgrounds.
  • Innovative and Creative: Most low-stress jobs need you to think outside the box in a less stressful way. This is especially for low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree like acting, plumbing, hairstyling, photography, writing, and the like. This also means you have to be initiative and ready to tackle problems even if you’ve never handled them before. If you have the above skills, employers and people will be lining up to work with you.
  • Coding Skills: You might want to equip yourself with coding skills to land your next low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree. This is good, especially for students looking to make extra bucks while studying. You can join a coding boot camp, sign up with a community training program or even engage in some youtube coding videos.

25 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

Here is a list of 25 low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree:

  1. Carpenter
  2. Electrician
  3. Plumber
  4. Hairstylist
  5. Massage Therapist
  6. E-Commerce
  7. YouTube Personality
  8. Patrol Officer
  9. Personal Trainer
  10. Freelance photographers
  11. Choreographers
  12. Cement masons
  13. Makeup artists
  14. Medical Assistant
  15. Flight Attendants
  16. Home Health Aide
  17. Taxi Driver
  18. Bartender
  19. Delivery Truck Driver
  20. Solar Photovoltaic Installer
  21. Cook/chef
  22. Security Guard
  23. Actor
  24. Personal Care Aide
  25. Medical Secretary

1. Electrician

Electricians are not required to hold a degree, but they must finish lengthy training as an apprentice before being permitted to operate freely. Licensed electricians install and maintain electrical systems in companies and homes.

  • Median salary: $56,900
  • Unemployment rate: 6.2%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 66,100
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 53%

2. Plumber


Plumbing is another low-stress job that pays well without a degree. Certainly, plumbers build and connect pipes and fixtures, repair blocked toilets and sinks, and ensure that water can reach dishwashers, water heaters, and faucets.

It’s also a well-paying job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree program. To become a plumber, pipefitter, or steamfitter, you must also have high school graduation or its equivalent.

You can go to vocational-technical institutions, but there are also plumbing firms that provide apprenticeship programs.

Additionally, the programs enable you to begin working as a plumber while receiving on-the-job training. In the United States, the typical annual salary for plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is $56,330, with the highest-paid professional earning up to $98,990 per year.

  • Median salary: $56,330
  • Unemployment rate: 4.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 109,600
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 77%

3. Hairstylist

Hairstylists are in charge of making sure that customers leave salons looking their best. Also, you won’t be stressed out by deadlines or paperwork, and you have complete control over which clients you accept. To become a hairstylist, you do not need a degree, but you do need certification from a beauty school.

  • Median salary: $27,380
  • Unemployment rate: 2.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 1, 409,300
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 73%

4. Massage Therapist

Massage therapy can be used for a variety of purposes, including relaxation and injury recovery. While postsecondary knowledge is required to become a massage therapist, these workers are not required to have a college degree. Massage therapy is a job that pays well without a degree.

  • Median salary: $43,620
  • Unemployment rate: 17.6%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 49,100
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 32%

5. E-Commerce

For those who suffer from anxiety, running an e-commerce shop might be one of the least stressful careers. Starting a Shopify business may be an excellent method to generate money quickly.

You only need to advertise your things online, ship them when someone buys them, and occasionally communicate with consumers who have queries or concerns.

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You can also work from home and avoid wearing business clothing, giving presentations, and dealing with the stress of performance reports. So, all you have to do is determine what you want to sell, which may be anything from home items to clothes to e-printables.

  • Median salary: $43,353
  • Unemployment rate: 0.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 1,229,300
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 55%

6. YouTube Personality

YouTube stars are paid to play video games and create interesting videos for products. This is also a terrific low-stress profession since you never have to meet anyone in person; instead, you connect with everyone digitally.

So, anyone who has innovative ideas and talents for playing video games, or who has ideas for amusing, and creating engaging videos, may become a YouTuber. So, all you need is a good laptop, a camera, and a microphone.

However, YouTubers earn money via advertisements on their videos and brand partnerships.

  • Median salary: $100
  • Unemployment rate: 0.6%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 1,129,100
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 45%

7. Patrol Officer

Patrol officers have a top job for those without a college degree, with low unemployment and high wages.

However, after completing a training academy, they may direct traffic, patrol areas, and investigate crashes.

  • Median salary: $65,540
  • Unemployment rate: 0.8%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 79,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 62%

8. Travel Agent

Aside from being less stressful, these are jobs that pay well without a degree. It is also one of the most enjoyable careers that pay well without a degree. Unless an employer prefers someone with further formal training, you must have a high school diploma. You should also be proficient in computers and communication abilities.


Your responsibilities as a travel agent include coordinating and marketing transportation and lodging for consumers.

You will also decide on the destinations, trip dates, means of transportation, expenses, and necessary hotels. Other responsibilities might include explaining, organizing, and arranging itineraries, as well as marketing tour packages to tourists.

The average yearly salary for a travel agent is $46,650, with the best earners earning more than $73,360 ($35.27 per hour).

  • Median salary: $46,650
  • Unemployment rate: 2.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 85,500
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 67%

9. Freelance Photographers

While some individuals take photography classes for professional reasons, dedicated freelance photographers whose interests include shooting gorgeous photographs of landscapes, people, products, and other subjects will tell you how photography is such a rewarding occupation.

As a photographer, you must however understand how to use editing software and lighting equipment to improve the appearance of your subject. Also, you can work as a photojournalist, scientific photographer, commercial and industrial photographer, or all three.

The average yearly pay for photographers in the United States is $50,290, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top-earning photographers earn more than $86,850 per year ($41.75 per hour).

  • Median salary: $50,290
  • Unemployment rate: 3.8%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 89,600
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 72%

10. Choreographers

Choreographers develop new dance routines and direct their rehearsal performances. They can also direct and stage performances. So, most choreographers begin as dancers and work their way up.

It’s worth mentioning that some choreographers opt to further their education by enrolling in institutions and universities that provide bachelor’s and master’s degrees in dance. Many dance programs now provide curricula in a number of dance forms.

Choreographers make an average yearly salary of $52,000, with the best earners earning more than $101,250 per year ($48.68 per hour).

  • Median salary: $52,000/year
  • Unemployment rate: 5.7%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 32,300
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 54%

11. Cement Masons


This may seem far-fetched, but it is one of the low-stress occupations that pay well without a degree; in fact, it may pay as much as $76,000 per year.

Their responsibilities include smoothing and completing poured concrete surfaces such as floors, roadways, sidewalks, bridges, dams, and curbs. They also align sidewalks, and gutters, fix voids and cut expansion joints.

To enter the career, a high school diploma or its equivalent is frequently necessary. Masonry programs are available at technical institutions, or you may learn the craft through apprenticeships while working with expert masons.

Cement masons and concrete finishers make a typical yearly income of $46,000, with the best earners earning more than $75,900.

  • Median salary: $46,000
  • Unemployment rate: 3.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 69,500
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 63%

12. Makeup artists

This is one of the enjoyable careers that pay well without a college degree. Makeup artists apply makeup to actors to help them represent the environment, time era, and scenario of their parts. You can also collaborate with motion picture and video production firms, performing arts organizations, and personal care service providers.

The average yearly income for makeup artists (theatrical and performance) is $99,990, with top earners earning more than $157,680 ($75.81 per hour). You can discover everything there is to know about Makeup Artists.

  • Median salary: $99,990
  • Unemployment rate: 0.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 105,500
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 78%

13. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants do not require a degree to do their duties, which include taking vital signs, acquiring

patient data, and keeping records. Thus, this is a professional path that has historically had minimal unemployment and strong growth. government jobs that pay well without a degree

  • Median salary: $35,850
  • Unemployment rate: 5.8%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 132,600
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 77%

14. Flight Attendant

Flight attendant positions, which were heavily damaged by the epidemic, are likely to recover during the next decade. These employees have a fantastic opportunity for anyone who enjoys traveling.

They also help airline passengers, do preflight checks, and respond to any emergency circumstances that may develop.

  • Median salary: $59,050
  • Unemployment rate: 22.1%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 31,100
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 34%

15. Home Health Aide

Home health aides provide vital services to the elderly and people suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities. Also, they may take vital signs, check medication use, and assist with everyday tasks like washing and eating.

  • Median salary: $27,080
  • Unemployment rate: 6.9%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 1,129,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 87%

16. Bartender

In restaurants and bars around the country, bartenders mix cocktails and serve beverages. There are no formal schooling requirements for this career, although bartenders may attend classes to learn how to mix cocktails, comprehend regulatory rules, and enhance their abilities.

  • Median salary: $24,960
  • Unemployment rate: 30.7%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 159,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 34%

17. Firefighter

Firefighters must generally pass written and physical exams before they can begin working, but there is no degree requirement.

They must, however generally pass written and physical exams before they can begin working, but there is no degree requirement. This personnel reacts to emergency calls, prepare incident reports, and maintains equipment on the job.

  • Median salary: $52,500
  • Unemployment rate: 1.9%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 26,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 77%

18. Truck Delivery Driver

Even before the epidemic, many people preferred to purchase online, and delivery truck drivers are the specialists who ensure things reach safely. However, this career does not require a degree, but it does require a solid driving record and some on-the-job training.

  • Median salary: $37,050
  • Unemployment rate: 7.4%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 101,100
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 87%

19. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

A solar photovoltaic installer is someone who puts solar photovoltaic panels on roofs and other structures like parking garages. So, these installations might range from a few panels to hundreds of panels.

Additionally, the work does not demand much expertise, but it does need an understanding of extensive electrical wiring and troubleshooting. Due to a huge labor shortage in the United States, several companies are looking for these installers and are willing to pay well over $40,000 per year.

  • Median salary: $46.470/year
  • Unemployment rate: 4.4%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 52,600
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 52%

20. Cook/Chef

Cooks may discover that working as a restaurant cook is the ideal profession for them. Chefs are needed at institutions that serve a wide range of tastes and cuisines, and they can be self-taught or trained.

  • Median salary: $28,800
  • Unemployment rate: 16.4%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 563,500
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 77%

21. Security Guard

Security guards can work in a number of environments. They may be hired to check people for public transportation, and also keep an eye on customers and staff during business hours, or safeguard buildings and warehouses after hours.

  • Median salary: $31,050
  • Unemployment rate: 7.7%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 154,200
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 67%23.

22. Actor

To make a livelihood as an actor, you don’t have to be on the Hollywood A-list. Commercials, online productions, instructional films, and other projects necessitate the use of professionals.

Although a formal degree is not essential to becoming an actor, some people pursue an education in the arts before embarking on their profession.

  • Median salary: $43,760
  • Unemployment rate: N/A
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 16,700
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 37%

23. Personal Care Aide

Personal care aide job opportunities are expected to be plentiful in the coming years as the country’s population ages and people require assistance staying in their homes.

Also, they may provide companionship as well as assistance with daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

  • Median salary: $27,080
  • Unemployment rate: 7.4%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 1,222,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 78%

24. Medical Secretary

Working as a medical secretary does not necessitate a healthcare education. In medical offices or other comparable environments, these individuals may answer phones, check in on patients, and handle supplies.

  • Median salary: $37,350
  • Unemployment rate: 4.9%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 64,900
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 54%

25. Carpenter

A career as a carpenter may not seem exciting, but it is creative, hands-on work that pays well and has little if any, stress.

However, carpenters often attend apprenticeship programs run by a contractor group or a union. A high school degree or its equivalent is required in terms of schooling.

There are other vocational-technical institutions that provide carpentry associate’s degrees. Although the duration of the programs varies, you will master the fundamentals and specializations of carpentry. However, these kinds of jobs pay well without a degree


Carpenters make a typical yearly pay of $49,520, with the best earners earning more than $87,410.

  • Median salary: $49,520
  • Unemployment rate: 3.5%
  • Expected new job openings by 2030: 89,600
  • Job growth (2020-2030): 70%

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Low-Stress Jobs Actually Exist?

Yes, more people are opting for jobs before pursuing degrees. And these people, obviously, want jobs that they can do without much stress.

2. What Education Do You Need to Get a Low-Stress Job?

A high school diploma will suffice for these low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree. You don’t need a college degree but you must have basic knowledge of reading, writing, and interpersonal communication.

3. How to Get a Low-Stress Job in 2024?

Don’t expect to walk in and be hired. You’ll still have to prove yourself. What you lack in formal education, however, you can compensate for with skills learned elsewhere or personal qualities that are just waiting to be discovered by someone willing to take a risk.

This requires research for information about job openings and their requirements before applying. Also, if a degree is required, check if there are alternative qualifications you can easily get to compensate for the lack of a degree.

  • Search job sites for low-stress jobs
  • Apply for jobs that match your skill set
  • Research the employer and note what they need
  • Match your skillset against their requirement
  • Prepare a resume that matches what the employer is looking for
  • Finally, send your application

4. What is the highest paying least stressful job?

  • Economist.
  • Mathematician.
  • Actuary.
  • Optometrist.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist.
  • Dentist.
  • Orthodontist.

5. What job pays the most money without a degree?

  • Commercial Pilots.
  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers.
  • First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives.
  • Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatchers.
  • Elevator and Escalator Installers and Repairers

6. What is a fun job that pays well?

  • Mathematician
  • Astronomer
  • Orthodontist
  • Physicist
  • Political scientist.

7. How do I find a stress-free job?

  • Figure Out Your Stress Triggers.
  • Find Low-Stress Jobs That Match Your Preferences.
  • Research Roles.
  • Observe Organizations.
  • Ask the Right Questions.
  • Trust Your Gut.
  • Get Job Search Help.

8. How can I get money without a job?

  • Participate in paid market research.
  • Become a virtual assistant.
  • Transcribe audio and video.
  • Sell online.
  • Housesit.
  • Write online reviews.
  • Start a blog.
  • Game on Twitch.

9. What are Low-Stress Jobs?

Low-stress jobs are jobs that give individuals flexible working opportunities and do not compel them to do tough or overly strenuous activities. The ability to focus on other significant aspects of one’s life, such as following interests or spending quality time with friends and family, is very vital.

As a result, low-stress jobs allow you to have a healthy work-life balance and, more often than not, be a happy worker. But, how much will you earn?

10. How Much Do Low-Stress Jobs Pay in 2024?

Some of these low-stress jobs may pay up to $77,500 per year, and you don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to get them. However, the pay differs by job type.

For instance, plumbers can make around $56,330 per year while massage therapists make up to $43,620 in a year.



There are numerous low-stress jobs available that do not require a degree yet pay well. That doesn’t imply you’ll never face a challenging circumstance. Especially in positions where you are constantly in contact with others, such as a flight attendant. People can be strange. However, the great bulk of your time at work will be relaxed.

Certainly, few individuals desire to undertake these tasks, and competition for open positions will be minimal. This indicates that companies are ready to pay a premium to fill them. During the job interview, you may even be able to negotiate some additional benefits. Remember that not everyone is ready to do most of these jobs.

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