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Top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in USA 2024

Top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in USA
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Nursing is a noble and rewarding career that requires hard work and dedication. For those who strive for career advancement, certain specialties offer a promising path. By gaining additional expertise, nurses can move into higher-paying jobs to take their careers to the next level.


In this article, we will explore the highest-paying nursing jobs in the USA in 2024, shedding light on the roles, qualifications, and financial rewards associated with each.

Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in the USA

Here are the top 10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in the USA in 2024;

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

As a CRNA, you’ll be part of a dynamic healthcare team that includes anesthesiologists. Together, you’ll prepare and administer anesthesia to make sure surgeries go smoothly. It’s a demanding but rewarding role that requires a high level of skill and expertise.

Furthermore, CRNAs make a median annual salary of $195,610. The position requires you to obtain a master’s degree in Nurse Anesthesia and complete the NBCRNA exam to meet the necessary medical standards to begin practicing. The career outlook for CRNA is extremely bright, with a projected 45% over the decade.

2. General Nurse Practitioner


General Nurse Practitioners operate as entrepreneurs in the nursing industry since practitioners often start or own their practice. They typically go into forms of primary care, such as family practices, pediatrics, and urgent care private businesses. However, nurse practitioners also find work at a hospital or private practice not owned by them.

In addition, General Nurse Practitioners earn a median annual income of $120,680. You’ll need a Master of Science in Nursing and a state-specific practitioner’s license to start this career path. The job outlook for NPs is extremely bright, projected to grow 45% over the decade.

3. Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Similar to an ICU Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care (NIC) Nurses are stationed in intensive care units, but care specifically for newborns and babies. NIC Nurses work in various locations, from general hospitals and birth centers to different types of private practices.

Also, NIC Nurses make $118,586 on average annually. To become a full NIC Nurse, you must earn a neonatal nurse designation as a Registered Nurse (RN). Lastly, The career has a strong outlook due to technological progress increasing the job’s significance.

4. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

If you’re more interested in the mental health side of healthcare, becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) could be the right choice. PNPs work to treat mental health disorders and related addictions. You’ll find them in facilities like hospitals wings, clinics, and agencies dedicated to psychiatry and treatment.

As one of the highest-paying nursing jobs, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners average about $113,114 annually. PNPs must attend an accredited program for a Master’s in the Science of Nursing and earn a state license. With the rise of mental health awareness in America, the demand for PNPs has grown, giving them a bright career outlook.

5. Clinical Nurse Specialist is one of the Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in USA 2024

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are nurses that have earned a master’s degree to work exclusively within a specific clinic or hospital department. As healthcare experts, CNSs can diagnose and collaborate with patients on their treatment plans as healthcare experts. They often conduct research and offer advice on the operation and management of their hospital.

Additionally, Clinical Nurse Specialists make an average annual salary of $112,267. They need a Master of Science in Nursing and must specialize in their field through the program. Like the rest of the healthcare industry, Clinical Nurse Specialists have a bright career outlook.

6. Pain Management Nurse

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As a specialization, Pain Management Nurses work with post-operation and chronic pain through illness. Guiding patients through their pain is the primary role of PMN. They often work with a team of nurses on their patient’s treatment or recovery. Expect to work a lot with seniors as a Pain Management Nurse.

Furthermore, Pain Management Nurses earn an average annual salary of $110,420. RN must gain experience and work towards certification to become Pain Management Specialists. However, they do not need a master’s degree. These nurses are a part of a favorable job market, as there will always be a need for pain management in healthcare.

7. Registered Nurse First Assist

Registered Nurse First Assists, or RNFAs, take point as the head nurse behind the doctor during surgery. Their skill set calls for a substantial perioperative understanding. The need for RNFAs can be situational, depending on the structure of the hospital and the number of doctors.

In addition, RNFAs make an average annual salary of $101,890. Register Nurses must undergo advanced perioperative training and average 2,000 hours before certification to become an RNFA. The demand for RNFAs is growing, giving this nursing job a positive outlook.

8. Nursing Administrator is one of the Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in USA 2024

Nurse Administrators are the presiding manager over the nursing staff at their healthcare facility. They work throughout the healthcare industry and handle all their employees’ financial planning and human resource duties.

Also, Nursing Administrators make an average annual salary of $101,890. The requirements include a Master’s in Nursing Administration and state licensure. The Nurse Administration career has a projected growth of over 32% by the end of the decade.

9. Family Nurse Practitioner

Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) are licensed healthcare professionals who provide various services, including diagnosing and treating illnesses, ordering diagnostic tests, and prescribing medications. They collaborate with physicians to provide patient care.


Additionally, Family Nurse Practitioners earn an average annual salary of $98,041. To become an FNP, nurses must earn the board-certified designation. Finally, The career outlook expects to grow 45% by 2029, showing a promising outlook.

10. Nurse Educator is one of the Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in USA 2024

The least stressful job on this list is the Nurse Educator. This job involves teaching students and training other nurses on the most current research, techniques, and medical advances.

Furthermore, Nurse Educators make an average of $82,040 per year. Educators require at least a master’s degree, but they’ll often hold a doctorate as a college professor. Currently, there is a shortage of nurse educators, so if you’re thinking of stepping back from patient care to education, it’s a great time to do so. APPLY NOW


In conclusion, The nursing profession offers a diverse array of rewarding and high-paying career paths. From specialized advanced practice roles to leadership positions and research-oriented roles, nurses have ample opportunities to pursue their passions while enjoying competitive salaries.

Some of these positions may be demanding, with high-stress environments, but also offer distinction and compensation that can be attractive to many nurses. It’s important to consider the unique requirements and challenges of each role and determine which career path is best for you.

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