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Best 10 Scholarships Abroad for International Students

Best 10 Scholarships Abroad for International Students.
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This article is intended for international students who want to study abroad with the best scholarships for international students. Different countries provide scholarships to students from different regions of the world to pursue any program of their choice at any university.Top institutions and organizations provide various scholarships to international students who want to study abroad (both governmental and non-governmental). International students with outstanding and unique academic records are granted partially or fully funded scholarships; additional scholarships are offered depending on financial need.

Scholarships Abroad For International Students

There are various study locations abroad where international students can study on scholarships; many international students have successfully travelled abroad to study on scholarships in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, China, Canada, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and others. The following are the best scholarships abroad for international students:

1. Gates Cambridge Scholarship |Easiest Scholarships For International Students

Each year, Gates Cambridge provides 80 full-fee scholarships to exceptional applicants from outside the UK who aspire to study in a full-time postgraduate program in any discipline at the University of Cambridge. In the US round, around 25 awards will be available, and 55 awards will be available in the international round, with approximately two-thirds of these awards going to PhD candidates.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme was launched in October 2000 by a pledge of US $210 million to the University of Cambridge from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; this is the greatest single donation to a UK university. The first class of scholars arrived in October 2001.


As a result, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship was established. This program provides full scholarships to international students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at Cambridge University. The purpose of this award is to promote community building both inside and outside of Cambridge. This is the University’s most prestigious scholarship program for postgraduate students.

Host Institution(s):University of Cambridge.Level/Field of Study:postgraduate studiesScholarship Duration:1 yearScholarship Benefits:
  • University Composition Fee, calculated appropriately
  • A maintenance stipend for a single student is £18,384 for 12 months at pro rata for courses lasting less than 12 months; for PhD scholars, the stipend is for up to 4 years.
  • Travel ticket at the beginning and end of the course. (one economy single flight)
  • The price of the Immigration Health Surcharge and the cost of inbound visas
  • Citizens of any country outside the United Kingdom.
  • Applying to pursue one of the following full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge: PhD, MPhil/MLitt, One-year postgraduate course.
  • Outstanding intellectual ability: Your academic transcript, experience, references and potential to succeed in any course must reflect academic excellence. Only those with outstanding academic records would be selected for the course.
  • Commitment to improving the lives of others: You must be able to interpret this criterion through your past, present and commitment to the community you are coming from you have worked and lived.
  • Reasons for choice of course: To be considered for this scholarship, you need to contact a potential supervisor from the university of your choice and develop a research project that would be summarized during your application. You must show that you have the academic background, skill set, and knowledge required to successfully finish the course.
  • A leadership capacity: Successful candidates must be able to show that they have leadership potential, which can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Candidates must demonstrate their leadership skills.
Official Website

2. Fulbright Scholarships | Easiest Scholarships For International Students

The Fulbright Scholarship is a US-based scholarship for international students. It is available in over 100 universities worldwide, and over 8000 students benefit from this fully financed scholarship grant each year. Except for medical students, it is open to students, artists, and professionals from all academic areas. The conditions to be eligible for this merit-based grant for international students vary by country.The program is designed to aid international postgraduate students studying in the United States and to provide them with cultural and educational opportunities both during and beyond their first year. Due to the hard application process, only the top students are accepted for the Fulbright program, therefore the scholarship’s reputation also helps with chances.Host Institution(s):Selected USA Universities and Academic InstitutionsLevel/Field of Study:Masters and PhD in all fields, including interdisciplinary courses.Scholarship Duration:Depends on the selected programScholarship Benefits:
  • It covers the full tuition fee.
  • Living stipend.
  • Full accommodation fee.
  • Ticket fare.
  • Health and Medical insurance
Eligibility:The requirements to be eligible for this merit-based award for international students differ from one country to the other, here are the requirements for each country.Official Website:

3. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, Australia

The Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, one of Australia’s most well-known scholarships, are intended for international students from the Americas, Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific who wish to pursue a master’s or PhD degree at one of the nation’s universities in any area.The Australian Government’s highly competitive, merit-based Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships program offers up to AU$272,500 for study, research, or professional development opportunities between Australia and the rest of the globe.We expect that those who receive our scholarships will excel in the classroom, be politically and socially engaged, and have a strong commitment to the foundation’s core values, which include ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, and self-determination and justice.Host Institution(s):University of Washington, Australia.Level/Field of Study:Masters and PhD.Scholarship Duration:2 years Masters.4 years PhD.Scholarship Benefits:
  • $2,000 (for fellowships) or $4,000 (for scholarships) settling in allowance.
  • $3,000 travel allowance.
  • $3,000 monthly stipend (paid up to the maximum programme duration on a pro-rata basis).
  • $272,500 for tuition fees, which includes student service and amenities fees.
  • Medical and health insurance for the full programme duration (OSHC for non-Australians)
  • Travel insurance (excluding during programme for non-Australians)
  • $7000 for initial travelling and relocating costs.
Eligibility:To be eligible to receive an Endeavour Scholarship or Fellowship, applicants must:
  • Must be 18 years or above at the beginning of the program.
  • Must be a citizen and/or permanent resident of a participating country.
  • Must provide all relevant supporting documentation
  • Must not apply for a category in which they have already completed an Endeavour Scholarship or Fellowship.
Official Website:

4. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme, France

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs launched the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to help French higher education institutions draw top international students to enrol in their master’s and PhD programs.It gives opportunity to the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority areas of study, and encourages applicants up to 25 years old from developing countries at master’s level, and applicants up to 30 years old from developing and industrialized countries at PhD level.The most well-known scholarship in France is the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program, which aims to attract outstanding international students to study for a master’s or PhD at one of the member universities. Unlike the other options on this list, the program does not cover the cost of tuition. Instead, it provides participants with a monthly allowance ($1,181 for master’s students and $1,400 for PhD students) and covers a variety of other costs, such as travel costs and health insurance.The following seven disciplines of study are covered by the two primary disciplinary fields for the Eiffel scholarships: Science and Technology, Biology and Health, Ecological Transition, Mathematics and Digital, Engineering Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, History, French language and civilization, Law and political science, Economics and management.Host Institution(s):French Universities and Academic InstitutionsLevel/Field of Study:Master’s degree program, engineering program, or a joint doctoral program (joint supervision of dissertation and/or dual degree), in partnership with a partner institution abroad.Scholarship Duration:
  • Master’s level: 12 months when enrolling in an M2, 24 months when enrolling in an M1, and 36 months for the completion of an engineering degree.
  • Doctorate level: The Eiffel scholarship is awarded for 12 months in France.
Scholarship Benefits:
  • Master’s level: Monthly allowance of €1,181, International transportation, national transportation, insurance, housing searches, cultural activities, etc.
  • Doctorate level: Monthly stipend of €1,700, international transportation, national transportation, insurance, housing searches, cultural activities, etc.
  • Only applications submitted by French educational establishments are accepted. These establishments undertake to enrol scholarship holders on the course for which they have been selected. Applications submitted by any other means shall not be considered. Furthermore, any candidate nominated by more than one establishment shall be disqualified.
  • Eiffel Program scholarships are intended for students seeking to enrol in a master’s-level program in France (including at a school of engineering) and for doctoral candidates. Only programs recognized by the French government are eligible. The Eiffel Program cannot be used at French-run programs abroad or in connection with apprenticeship contracts or professional training contracts
Official Website:

5. Chevening Scholarships | Scholarships For International Students

Chevening is an international student fellowship program in the United Kingdom. The beneficiaries of this fellowship are chosen by the British embassies in their respective countries. This scholarship program’s major goal is to produce global leaders, influencers, and professionals from all over the world.Every year, approximately 700 scholarships are awarded to students from approximately 110 countries, while the number of scholarships varies per nation. With almost 30 scholarships each, India and China are critical countries for the Award.This curriculum has helped over 55,000 professionals improve since its establishment. The amount of scholarships available under this program varies by country. Students must, however, meet the eligibility requirements to receive this grant.Host Institution(s):Universities Abroad.Level/Field of Study:Undergraduate.Scholarship Duration:Complete Study Duration.Scholarship Benefits:
  • Full University tuition fees.
  • Monthly living allowance.
  • An economy class return ticket to the UK.
  • Additional grants and allowances to cover essential expenditures.
  • Excellent academic results
Official Website:

6. Rotary Peace Fellowship

This scholarship is offered to International students who have completed their undergraduate studies and are interested in pursuing a master’s degree in a courses linked to peace and conflict prevention and resolution are the target audience for the Rotary Peace Fellowship. The award pays for expenses like full tuitipn and accomodation.Host Institution(s):Several universities from around the world take part in the program. Which are:
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.
  • Duke University, USA.
  • University of Bradford, England.
  • International Christian University, Japan.
  • Uppsala University, Sweden.
  • University of Queensland, Australia.
Level/Field of Study:Master’s Degree.Scholarship Duration:
  • 2 years
Scholarship Benefits:
  • Tuition fees.
  • Accommodation.
  • Travel Allowance.
  • Must have completed the first degree.
  • Have outstanding academic results.
  • Must not be related to any member of the organizers and founders of the organization.
Official Website:

7. Great Wall Program Scholarship

The Great Wall Program is financed by the Chinese Ministry of Education if you want to study abroad in China. The complete scholarship supports foreign academics and students from underdeveloped countries who wish to study and/or do research in China. To apply, speak with the UNESCO National Commission in your own country, apply online to the Chinese university of your choice, and submit the required UNESCO documentation.Host Institution(s):Selected Public Universities in China.Level/Field of Study:ResearchScholarship Duration:One academic year of study.Scholarship Benefits:
  • Tuition fees and other administration costs of host university.
  • Free accommodation within or outside the campus of the host university.
  • Monthly stipends; General scholars: CNY 3,000 per month, Senior scholars: CNY 3,500 per month.
  • Full medical insurance.
  • Must not be from China.
  • Must be in good health(physically and mentally).
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.
  • Not older than 45 years
  • Must be have a master’s degree certificate or an associate professor (or above) and not more than the age of 50 when applying for the senior scholar programs.
  • Be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for the Master’s programs.
Official Website:

8. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships are funded by the European Union and are exclusively awarded to students from both EU and non-EU countries who have been selected to enroll in one of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Programs.The 116 master’s degree programs that the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMDs) scholarships cover are all in Europe. Frequently, the study areas covered are those in agriculture and veterinary medicine, engineering, manufacturing, and construction, health and welfare, humanities and arts, physics, mathematics, computing, social sciences, business, and law.Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are master’s level study programs that are high-level and integrated. They are planned and delivered by a global collaboration of higher education institutions (HEI). They include at least three HEI from three different countries, at least two of which must be EU Member States or third-country participants in the Programme (previously called Programme Countries).The EU hopes to enhance excellence and internationalisation of member institutions by financing these jointly recognized Master’s degrees. Scholarships are available for students to participate in these esteemed programs; the masters themselves provide them to the best-ranked applicants globally.Host Institution(s):European Universities (You would be sent on the program to at least two international participating universities.)Level/Field of Study:MastersScholarship Duration:One and two years.Scholarship Benefits:
  • Full scholarship covering your tuition fees and your living costs
  • Scholarships cover the cost of a student’s participation in the programme, travel and a living allowance.
  • Must have outstanding academic performance.
  • Must be an international students.
  • Must have completed a bachelor’s degree.
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Recommendation letters.
Official Website:

9. International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia(UBC)

The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is a scholarship that effectively covers all of the student’s tuition and fees by waiving all associated fees. This is a type of need-and-merit-based award that recognizes outstanding international undergraduate students for their outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities, participation in extracurricular activities, commitment to the community, and other recognized excellence.If they can show both academic achievement and financial need, international students can be considered for undergraduate scholarships at the University of British Columbia in Canada. To be eligible, you must be a global learner who does not already hold an undergraduate degree, have a high academic record, demonstrate financial need, and be a global learner.Host Institution(s):University of British Columbia.Level/Field of Study:UndergraduateScholarship Duration:1 year (renewed for the next 3 years based on performance)Scholarship Benefits:
  • Each award has a different value that varies according to the applicant’s financial situation and course costs. Students who are beginning their first UG course at UBC are eligible for the rewards.
  • Must be an international student who will be studying in Canada on a Canadian study permit.
  • You must be entering UBC from a recognized secondary school or transferring from your first year at a post-secondary college or another university.
  • You must have graduated from high school no earlier than one year before the academic year you are applying.
  • You must be applying for your first undergraduate degree.
  • You must demonstrate superior academic achievement (achieve all As or equivalent standards).
  • You are connected to a Canadian Indigenous group.
  • You have an employer-specific, long-term work visa that allows you to work full-time in Canada, or you are the dependent or spouse of someone who has one.
  • You must demonstrate a level of financial need that would otherwise prevent you from pursuing a UBC degree. (UBC automatically considers all international students for the merit-based International Major Entrance Scholarships and Outstanding International Student Awards scholarships, totalling a maximum value of $25,000 per year. If this amount does not cover your needs for tuition and basic living expenses, you are eligible to apply for the International Scholars Program.)
Official Website

10. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships (Germany)

Each year, the Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships to about 1500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students who are enrolled in universities, and universities of the arts (also known as “Kunst-/Musikhochschulen”), or universities of applied sciences (also known as “Fachhochschulen”). The students are from all fields of study and nations.The scholarship recipients are expected to uphold the foundation’s core values of ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice in addition to having outstanding academic achievements.Host Institution(s):The Heinrich-Böll-StiftungLevel/Field of Study:Masters and PhDScholarship Duration:2 Years (The scholarship is awarded for the regular period of study, and may be extended twice at most by half a year.)Scholarship Benefits:
  • fully-funded scholarship.

  • Non-EU students will receive €850 each month.
  • Individual tuition per month is fees are in certain cases possible in Germany. EU students: varies, the maximum amount you will be given every month is 649 plus €300 book money per month; tuition fees are not possible in Germany but possible to a limited extent in other countries.
  • For Non-EU PhD students, you will receive a sum of €1,200 every month plus a €100 transport allowance per month, plus various individual allowances. EU students: €1350 per month basic scholarship plus €100 per month research costs allowance; tuition fees are not possible in Germany but are possible to a limited extent in other countries.
  • You may apply before commencing your Masters’s programme or at any time up to the end of the first semester of the Masters’s programme.
  • Professional qualification must be provided.
  • Social commitment and political interest
Official Website


You will agree that the scholarships listed above are the greatest for international students. The reason for this is that the majority of them are fully funded and offer additional benefits to recipients. Isn’t it great to be able to study for free with the best scholarships while also earning money? Why not click the link provided after each scholarship to learn more about it before making a decision? All of the scholarships are worth applying for, so take the chance now.
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