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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia – You Don’t Need a Degree

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia
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If you have actually decided that heading to college is simply not the education path you’re eager to take, you might have found yourself questioning what the greatest paying job with no level called for is as well as what accreditation is in fact called for to go after those opportunities.


It’s easy to understand that the thought of spending 4 years at a tertiary institution isn’t every person’s cup of tea as well as a wanted professional trajectory does not constantly converge with the need for a Bachelor’s level.

Nonetheless, there are dozens of easily accessible, really well-paid jobs in Australia across a myriad of industries that don’t require the time or monetary investment that a university degree does.

While the majority require a level of training or college, it is possible to gain more than the $1,633.80 Australian average weekly revenues and also build a gratifying, effective profession.

What is the Greatest Paying Work Without a Degree?

With an ordinary yearly wage of $150,000, the greatest-paying job in Australia that does not call for a college level is a building manager.


Construction supervisors play a critical role in the building industry as well as in addition to managing construction tasks throughout, duty duties consist of every little thing from collaborating workflow, dealing with subcontractors, checking out plans, and managing and also suggesting teams.

As the title recommends, the capability to handle effectively is vital to forging a successful career course; Upskilled offers appropriate courses like BSB50820 – Diploma of Job Administration and BSB40920 – Certificate IV in Task Monitoring Technique to help refine your understanding of techniques and methods and assist in refining your management abilities.

The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs Without a Degree

  • Building Supervisor.
  • Moral Hacker.
  • Task Supervisor.
  • Digital Marketing Supervisor.
  • ICT Manager.
  • Human resources Manager.
  • Workplace Supervisor.
  • Health And Wellness Advisor.
  • Social Media Site Manager.
  • Elder Care Worker.

1. Building and Construction Manager

As per Indeed, the average annual salary for Construction Managers in Australia is $154,536.

In addition to overseeing projects, construction managers often interact directly with clients, so having strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships is crucial for effectively working with teams and customers.

Upskilled’s BSB50420: Diploma of Leadership and Management aims to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead and manage others at a professional level.

Through this program, you can gain formal skills in mentoring, communication, and team management, as well as enhance your abilities in operational or technical office settings.

2. Ethical Cyberpunk

To effectively combat hackers, it is necessary to become skilled in hacking techniques. Ethical hackers, who engage in “white-hat hacking” for security purposes, earn an average annual salary of around $101,000 (as reported by Payscale).

Ethical hackers are often employed by various organizations and government entities to assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities across the digital landscape.

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The primary reason organizations hire ethical hackers is to identify weaknesses, gain valuable insights, and develop a robust online infrastructure that enhances network security.

By enrolling in Upskilled’s ICT50220: Diploma of Information Technology (Cyber Security), you will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to plan, design, manage, and monitor enterprise ICT networks. This program prepares you to work as an independent ICT specialist or as part of an ICT network security team, ensuring the establishment of a stronger and more resilient network.

3. Jobs Supervisor

The role of a project manager involves overseeing the activities of their team and ensuring that projects are completed within their designated timeframes, resulting in successful outcomes.

To excel in a project management career, it is essential to possess excellent interpersonal skills and have a high level of organizational ability. Project managers often work under tight deadlines, so the ability to perform well under pressure is highly valued.

If you are looking to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for a career as a project manager, the BSB50820 – Diploma of Project Management is an excellent online course that can assist you in effectively leading and managing a team. This program also emphasizes the importance of implementing project timeframes and meeting deadlines successfully.

4. Digital Advertising And Marketing Supervisor

If you have a passion for working in the field of digital marketing, pursuing a career as a digital marketing manager could be a suitable path for you, especially if you have a data-driven mindset and possess creative abilities.

As a digital marketing manager, you will thrive in this role if you have a strong interest in digital marketing and lead generation. Your primary responsibility will be to develop strategies that optimize advertisements, ultimately increasing the revenue of a company or organization.


The average annual salary for a digital marketing manager is $101,254.

To enhance your skills and knowledge in preparation for a career as a digital marketing manager, we recommend enrolling in the 10904NAT – Diploma of Social Media Marketing. This program will cover essential concepts in paid advertising, enabling you to formulate effective strategies and generate leads that convert across various digital marketing platforms such as social media, Google, and more.

5. ICT Manager

Becoming an ICT manager is an excellent career choice if you have a genuine passion for solving technical issues, as well as ensuring the security and meeting the needs of ICT systems. In this role, you will also be responsible for developing strategic plans and policies related to ICT that directly impact an organization or business.

The average annual salary for an ICT manager in Australia is $129,500.

Having a broad understanding of various ICT concepts is highly recommended for ICT managers, including web technologies, visual design, software development, and computer programming. To expand your skill set and prepare for this career path, the ICT50220 – Diploma of Information Technology is an ideal program to consider.

6. Human Resources Supervisor

If you have a genuine interest in working with people and improving the organizational culture of a company or business, the role of an HR manager may be well-suited for you. HR managers are responsible for overseeing various HR functions such as onboarding, recruitment, payroll, and policy development related to employee benefits and code of conduct.

To become a successful HR manager, you will need to possess strong interpersonal skills, analytical abilities, and organizational skills. It is also crucial to have the ability to prioritize tasks and delegate responsibilities effectively.

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for an HR manager in Australia is $114,902.

To acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the role of an HR manager, it is recommended to pursue the BSB50320 – Diploma of Human Resource Management. This program will provide you with the expertise and competencies required to effectively manage human resources within an organization.

7. Office Manager


If you have a passion for maintaining order and enjoy organizational tasks, the role of an office manager can be a rewarding career choice. As an office manager, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the office on a daily basis. Depending on the organization and company you work for, you may also handle management and human resources tasks.

Your duties may include scheduling meetings, managing databases, and performing various administrative tasks such as booking business travel for employees. Office managers in Australia have an average salary of $85,463 per year.

If you aspire to be trained for a high-level management position like an office manager, the BSB40120 – Certificate IV in Business (Administration) can equip you with the skills and competencies you need. This program will provide you with the knowledge and expertise required to excel in office management and administrative roles.

8. Health and Safety Expert

The primary role of a health and safety consultant is to ensure the safety of workers, particularly in workplace environments and job sites. They are responsible for promoting compliance with health and safety standards and regulations set by the government, with the aim of preventing work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

To become a successful health and safety consultant, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to demonstrate effective leadership in your role are crucial.

In Australia, health and safety consultants earn an average salary of $106,574 per year.

If you are eager to pursue a career as a health and safety consultant and make a positive impact in occupational health and safety, the BSB51319 – Diploma of Work Health and Safety is an ideal study option. This program will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to further expand your expertise in this field.

9. Social Media Supervisor

If you enjoy using social media platforms on a personal level and possess a creative and analytical mindset, a career as a social media manager can be a popular choice, especially among Gen Z and millennials who are interested in working in the digital space.

As a social media manager, you will have the opportunity to utilize your skills in copywriting and graphic design to engage an online community. You will be responsible for growing organic and paid reach across various platforms, aiming to generate revenue and increase brand awareness for the organization, company, or agency you work for.

In Australia, social media managers typically earn around $81,139 per year.

If you are interested in pursuing this career path, we recommend enrolling in the 10904NAT – Diploma of Social Media Marketing. This program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts in social media marketing and equip you with the knowledge to identify opportunities for expanding paid and organic reach across digital platforms.

10. Elder Care Employee

As Australia’s aging population continues to increase, there is a growing demand for elderly care workers.

According to the 2015 Intergenerational Report by Treasury, the number of Australians aged 65 years and above is projected to more than double over the next 40 years, reaching 8.9 million in 2054-55 compared to approximately 3.6 million in 2014-15.

Elderly care workers have the opportunity to earn an average annual income of $83,000 and are responsible for supervising and monitoring care staff, care assistants, and home carers.

While obtaining a qualification or completing a traineeship is often required, studying the CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home, and Community) through Upskilled can further support your professional development in this field.

So, remember that if pursuing a traditional four-year university degree is not your preference, there are numerous alternative pathways available to help you achieve your professional goals and aspirations.

Final Point

In conclusion, the job market in Australia offers a wide range of career opportunities across various industries and fields. From digital marketing managers to health and safety consultants, there are diverse roles that cater to different interests and skill sets.

It’s important to explore and consider alternative paths that align with your passions and goals. Whether it’s obtaining a diploma or certificate in a specific area of expertise, there are options available to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career.

Embracing these opportunities can lead to fulfilling and rewarding professional journeys, enabling individuals to make a positive impact in their chosen fields. So, don’t limit yourself to traditional routes, and embark on a path that excites and motivates you towards achieving your professional ambitions.

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