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How to Get Turkish Visa for Nigerian Citizens

How to Get Turkish Visa for Nigerian Citizens
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Turkey is a well-developed transcontinental country that is popular among travel destinations around the world. The economy of the country is quite attractive as it has a GDP that ranks among the top largest in the world.


A lot of Nigerians travel to Turkey every year for various reasons including the avenue to explore the opportunities for economic and financial advancement and also to study. Turkey also has a rich blend of amazing culture, especially with its cultural connections to the ancient Greek, Persian and Ottoman empires which may be very attractive to tourists and history lovers.

To travel to Turkey to explore all of these opportunities, Nigerians are required to obtain a Turkish visa. The type of visa to be applied for depends on the specific purpose for which the individual intends to travel to the country as there are different classes of Turkish visas to available to Nigerians.

It is a relatively easy process to apply for a Turkish visa especially when one has the right information and meets all the requirements.

Comprehensive Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens to Turkey

The following contains all the information required for any individual to successfully apply for a Turkish visa in Nigeria.

Step 1: Determine the Type of Visa that You Require to Travel to Turkey


Determining the category of Turkish visa to apply for is the first thing to deal with and strike off your list before you can proceed to apply for a Turkish visa. Deciding the type of visa you should apply for is done based on the purpose for which you intend to travel to the country and the requirement for that class of visa. You must be sure that you chose the type of visa for which you meet the basic requirements. The different categories of visas available for Nigerians to travel to Turkey include;

  • The Turkish Student Visa: This type of visa is for those who wish to travel to Turkey to study. The study visa is typically a multiple entry visa ( this means that holders of the Turkish Student Visa can enter Turkey as many times as possible during the validity period of their visa) and is issued on the condition that the applicant already has sustained an admission in an institution in Turkey. To successfully apply for a Turkish student visa, you are expected to provide proof of admission into an institution of study in Turkey as well as evidence of adequate funds to support you throughout your study period.
  • The Turkish Business Visa: This is the type of visa issued to individuals who wish to travel to Turkey to carry out trading or commercial activities, and attend conferences, seminars or lectures. The validity period of a Turkish business visa is usually ninety(90) days.
  • The Turkish Work Visa: this type of visa is solely required for individuals who want to travel to Turkey to work. Applicants for the Turkish work visa are expected to ensure that evidence of employment from their Turkish employees is sent to the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security referred to as the MLSS and also apply for a residence permit within thirty (30) days of their arrival in Turkey once they have been granted a visa.

Note: Applicants for Turkish Work Visa are expected to provide evidence of adequate funds to cover their accommodation and maintenance costs while they are in Turkey.

  • The Turkish Tourist Visa: The tourist visa is required for individuals who intend to travel to Turkey to visit relatives, family or friends or simply for tourism purposes. This type of visa is usually a single entry visa and has a validity period of ninety (90) days.
  • The Turkish Transit Visa: This class of visa is available to applicants travelling through Turkey into another country. It is called a transit visa as the holders are only passing through and not intending to make Turkey their final destination. The Turkish Transit Visa is usually valid for only three (3) days.
  • The Turkish Research Visa: the research visa is required for professionals and experts who intend to travel to Turkey to carry out research studies or projects. Applicants for the Turkish Research Visa are expected to provide an invitation letter or letter of evidence from the institution sponsoring such research. This could be a museum or any other authorised and recognised Turkish institution.

Important Note: If the applicants are a part of a research team, each member of such research team should make available a copy of their application form and passport photograph.

Step 2: Get The Required Documents For Your Application

Once you have determined the type of visa for which you want to travel, you must get ready all your travel documents. This is the most important step of your visa application. It would be a total waste of time and possibly money if you commence your application and later find out that you are not eligible. The following are the required documents and conditions for a Turkish visa application:

  • Turkish Visa Application Form: Your completely and accurately filled and signed Turkish visa application form.
  • International Passport: Ownership of a valid international passport (this shouldn’t be older than six months) showing your bio page, and with at least two blank pages. You must provide the original and photocopy of this.
  • Passport Photograph: You also need two recent coloured passport photographs taken with a white colour background. These should be in the measurement of 5 by 6 cm. Ensure you sign at the back of these.
  • Letter of Evidence: you may also need to provide certain letters depending on your purpose of travel. These include a letter from your employer stating details of your annual earnings, your status in the organisation and details of your leave period, and a reference letter from your bank with details of transactions and your full name.
  • Itinerary: An itinerary showing your provisional airline bookings( Turkish, Pegasus, Atlasglobal or Onur Airlines), the hotels you booked and addresses (physical and contact addresses including phone numbers for verification) as well as a detailed schedule of your activities during your stay in Turkey.
  • Proof of Funds: Evidence of adequate funds to support you during the period of study in form of a bank statement of at least six months.
  • Visa Application Fee: you need to have your visa application fee. Be advised that this fee is non-refundable regardless of whether your visa has been approved or rejected.
  • Evidence of Health insurance: you are expected to have health insurance to cover your entire period of stay in Turkey and provide proof of such.
  • Proof of internationally acceptable vaccination: you must make available a vaccination card showing yellow fever and cholera vaccination evidence endorsed by an acceptable medical practitioner.

Note: You will also require the use of a scanner to make digital copies of all your documents to be uploaded for your visa application online. Also, ensure that you have a credit card to make payment for your visa application online.

Additional Documents for Specific Visa Types:

The following are important documents needed for different categories of visas in addition to the previously listed documents; For individuals applying for a Turkish Student Visa, the following extra documents are required;

  • Your Student Identity Card.
  • Sponsor Commitment Letter: Evidence of commitment from your sponsor stating his intention to see to your financial needs as a student as well as his proof of financial means in form of a bank statement of at least six months.
  • Your Sponsor’s Valid Passport: The sponsor documents are required for students who are not travelling to Turkey to study on a scholarship

For those applying for a Turkish Business Visa, the following extra documents are required;
⦁ A letter or evidence of invitation certified by a relevant body or authorised unit such as the Chamber of Commerce from a Turkish company with vital information. The letter should include the following;

  •  Important dates of your visit( arrival and departure)
  • The period of stay and the purpose of the visit.
  • The source of your finance and every other spending of the business(this may be the responsibility of the Turkish company)

For individuals who are under the age of 18, you will be required to provide;

  • The original and a photocopy of your birth certificate
  • A letter of authorisation from your parent which should be endorsed by a court order or Notary. ( Note that this is required for applicants who are not travelling with both of their parents)
  • Parent’s Passports ( original and photocopy)

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For individuals who are non-working spouses, you will be required to provide;

  • The original and a photocopy of your wedding certificate

You could jeopardise your eligibility to be granted a visa to Turkey if:

  • You put up a personality that will expose you to being found as a security threat/risk (mind your choice of word and behaviour during your scheduled appointment)
  • You have perpetrated or caused a human right violation
  • You are indebted, bankrupt or in severe financial trouble
  • If you do not have the proper vaccinations or have a health issue that may have been indicated by a medical practitioner to be a threat to the inhabitants of Turkey
  • You are diagnosed with ill mental health
  • You are into the business of prostitution or live on proceeds from such business
  • You are engaged in human trafficking, money laundering or illicit arms business
  • You are dishonest in filling out your application form ( Incomplete forms or irregularity in the signature will not be accepted)

Step 3: Proceed to Complete Your e-visa Application Online

Once you have determined the type of visa and made available all the necessary required documents. The next step is to visit the e-visa website and complete an online visa application. The following are the steps to complete this process;

  • Visit the e-visa website at
  • Once the page has loaded, click on the part that reads “Apply now”
  • Select your country and also the type of passport you have prepared in your documents.
  • You will be required to type in certain numbers, letters or a combination of both.
  • Do that and then click the button ” Save and Continue”
  • You will provide a space to fill in your intended date of arrival. Fill that in and proceed to read the information that follows as regards the validity of your visa, number of entries, visa cost and the mode of payment.
  • Click the button ” Save and Continue”.
  • You will provide a space to fill in your data. Ensure you fill that correctly and accurately then proceed to click the continue button at the bottom.
  • Look out for any other information you are required to provide and when you are done, go over all the information you have provided again.
  • If there is a need to edit, click on the “Edit” button and make your changes.
    Once you have verified all your entries, Click the button ” Submit and Continue”.

Step 4: Verify Your Email Address

Once you have filled out and submitted your e-visa application, you will receive an email asking you to verify that you have indeed applied for a Turkish visa.

Note: Sometimes, this mail may not appear in your inbox folder, ensure you check in your junk or spam folder. In the content of the email click on the “Approve” button to complete the process and verify your email.

Step 5: Make Payments for Your Visa Application

Once you verify your email address, you will be directed to a page where you are supposed to make payment for your Turkish visa. Ensure you follow the directions therein and fill in all necessary information. Then click on the ” Make Payment ” button to continue. The visa fees vary for different forms of visas so ensure that you are paying the correct fees for the type of visa you are applying for. You should pay your application fees using a bank card such as the master or visa card.

Note: After making your payment, wait for your payment to be approved and a message stating that your e-visa has been sent to your email. Check your email for further instructions and print out the payment page as evidence of payment.

Step 6: Book an Appointment at the Turkish Embassy


You will be required to book time online at the Turkish embassy in Abuja for a visa appointment where your application process will proceed. At the embassy, you will also need to provide your biometric data usually scans of your fingerprint as well as any other documents from the above that may be requested. Also, you should prepare yourself for a short interview about your reasons for visiting Turkey and your plans/ scheduled activities during your stay in the country.


  • Print out the confirmation page as evidence of your scheduled appointment
  • Ensure you do not submit fake documents and be honest during the interview
  • It is advisable to be mindful during the interview at the embassy. Do not put up a personality that will portray you as a threat to the country.
  • Appear neat and composed
  • Ensure you go along with all your complete application documents.

Step 7: Download and Print out Your E-visa

After completing payments and obtaining a confirmation message, you will be sent an email with a link/button to download your visa. Your visa should be available in PDF format for download, and you should print it out and keep a hard copy.

Final Note

If you are applying for a Turkish business visa and require an invoice, make sure to select the “Invoice” option. The application price for a visa is non-refundable. Your money will not be reimbursed if your application is ultimately denied.

Although the Turkish visa application process takes roughly eight (8) working days from the day of your booked appointment, you should start your Turkish visa application at least eight (8) days before your desired date of departure to avoid needless delays. Keep all of your documents safe and with you throughout your stay in Turkey, especially your e-visa, passport, and another form of identification.

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