How To Overcome Class Lateness


Being late to class is one of the problems students face. It is always an embarrassing sight and a great disappointment sometimes if a lecture prevents you from entering a lecture hall because you’re late. Apart from the frustration, the knowledge others gained in that class can barely be regained by you. This reason is why student strives to get to class early irrespective of how easy or hard it is. Studies have shown that you assimilate more by sitting in the front row of a lecture hall compared to those at the back; this is another compelling reason why coming early to classes is beneficial.


There are numerous reasons why students can be late to classes, but whatever the reasons may be, the highlighted precautions would go a long way in helping you overcome your lateness to class.

Avoid procrastination – This is one of the most efficient ways of overcoming class lateness. Kill of procrastination by getting things that are required of you done at the exact appropriate time. Get your assignments that are due for submission done before the deadline, ensure that your next day outfit has been selected and properly ironed, don’t wait till when you’re going to class before shining your shoes or finding the notes for the courses you’re offering on that day. Ensure you’ve put in place everything necessary for you to go to class before the next morning, this act helps you save a lot of time and prevents you from leaving anything behind. Procrastination is what makes you postpone doing all these things till the time you need them, thereby making you expend part of your lecture time on getting them done. This act makes you arrive late to class.

Watch your sleeping pattern – Taking note of your sleeping pattern is another effective way of overcoming lateness to class. Your sleeping pattern determines how early you wake, if you’re the type that sleep late and wake late, you’ve got to find a way to reduce or eliminate what keeps you up so late at night. If you’re the type that sleeps early and still wakes up late, then you need to devise means to wake up early, either by setting alarms or telling some of your friends always to call you when they are awake. Getting off bed early gives you more time to get things done correctly without being hasty.

Change your mindset – To overcome class lateness, it is vital for you to have the proper mindset. The goal shouldn’t be getting to class on time; it should be getting to class early. A lot of people (not students alone this time) often make this mistake; if the scheduled time for a class, an event or interview is 8 a.m. then your mindset should change from meeting the 8 a.m. deadline, you should strive to get there before the stipulated time. This act helps you get to your destination early enough instead of being on time or being a few minutes late.

Check your circle – At one point in time, you’d find out that you tend to behave like those you move with either positively or negatively. It might come as a surprise to you that how early or late your close buddies usually affect yours also. This reason makes it paramount for you to check your circle of friends and keep only those with desirable traits for you. If your friend does come to class early enough, there’s a probability that you’d also try to keep achieving that feat. Move with those that can inspire you to go to class early enough and not those who see late-coming as a regular thing.

Take care of yourself – Ensure you stress yourself less daily because how agile you are today, determines how easy it’d be for you to get off bed tomorrow. Once you stress yourself hard the previous day, it becomes very tedious for you to do anything the next day. The reason for this is because your body would demand the rest it deserves. Go to the school clinic to get drugs once you notice any ache or discomfort, ensure you maintain a proper diet and do everything to keep your health in a sound state. All this would help improve your health and prevents any health-wise excuses for class lateness.

Making use of the above tips and precautions would go a long way in overcoming lateness to class.

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