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How to Get a UAE Tourist Visa and Apply

How to Get a Tourist Visa in UAE
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For people who wish to visit the UAE for a short amount of time, a Tourist Visa is required. The visa can be obtained from your home country’s embassy or consulate. To apply for a UAE Tourist Visa, you must submit an application form, visa fee, and supporting documentation demonstrating that you have the funds to maintain yourself during your stay in the UAE.


The Complete Guide to Visas in UAE and Entry Permits for Foreigners

What is a Visa in UAE and Who Needs One? A visa is a document that allows someone to enter and remain in a country for a certain period. It is issued by the country’s embassy or consulate, depending on where the person is travelling to.

The UAE has different visas for different purposes. The most common types are tourist, business, and student visas. There are also many other types of visas, including transit visas and family visit visas.

Who Needs a Visa?

Any non-UAE citizen who wishes to visit the UAE must first obtain a visa. Some persons, however, do not require one if they will be in the UAE for less than two weeks or less than 30 days as a tourist or visitor.

What is an Entry Permit For Foreigners in UAE and How to Obtain One?

The Ministry of Interior issues the Entry Permits, which are good for one year. Entry Permits are provided to persons who desire to visit, receive medical treatment, study, or work in the UAE.


An Entry Permit can be obtained by completing an online application form on the Immigration website ( or by visiting the local Immigration office in person with the necessary papers and payment.

A copy of the applicant’s passport, visa (if applicable), evidence of residence in the UAE, a photocopy of their Emirates ID card/license driver’s or another government-issued ID card, and two current passport-sized pictures are required.

Permit For Foreigners in Dubai – What Does It Entail?

The United Arab Emirates is a country that welcomes visitors from all around the world. To enter the country, however, one must have an Entry Permit. The Entry Permit for Foreigners in Dubai is a document given by the Ministry of Interior that allows you to stay in Dubai for a set length of time.

If you apply from outside the UAE, you can get the permit on arrival or online. The procedure is straightforward, but make sure you have all of the necessary documentation on hand before applying.

Steps to Apply for an Entry Permit in Dubai – With all your Requirements.

A Dubai Entry Permit is a document required for anyone staying in the United Arab Emirates for longer than 14 days. If you are in Dubai on a visit visa and your stay does not exceed 14 days, you do not need to obtain an Entry Permit. The application process can be divided into three steps:

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